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Vitaly Petrov: A mental thing?

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    One must wonder how Robert Kubica would have done in that Renault. I think if the team was the same as last year Robert would have been challenging for the win, but I don’t think Petrov would have been that close to the front.

    I think having such a fast team-mate in 2010 would have played on Petrov’s mind. Being a racing driver at the pinnacle of motorsport with the world’s eye’s upon you is a big thing, especially as Petrov is the only Russian representative in F1. The pressure in 2010 for Petrov was massive, only made worse by the fact that he was constantly being totally outpaced by the only man in the same machine, and Kubica (from what I have read) wasn’t the most supportive of team-mates.

    You could see his nerves when he was being interveiwed, shaking like a shakey thing most of the time.

    Now Vitaly is the team leader, he can relax with the knowledge that his job is secure at the moment, and Heidfeld is just not as quick (not yet at least)

    I’m expecting more great results like that from Vitaly Petrov, and now he has room to breathe he could start getting a lot better

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    One must wonder how Robert Kubica would have done in that Renault.

    Probably no better than Petrov. He might have qualified in fourth at best, and he probably would have been closer to Hamilton at the end of the race, but that’s about it.

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    “One must wonder how Robert Kubica would have done in that Renault”

    It’s an interesting question but noone can ever know. On his day Petrov could put Kubica in his place (but that was rare) so this could have been a great weekend for Petrov where he couldn’t have been touched or Kubica could have dragged the car further up. The only thing we can compare him to his Heidfeld who gave Kubica a damn good run for their money during their time together and he soundly trounced him.

    I agree that Robert going has probably helped put him at ease for a little while and find his place a bit more but what will really have helped is that he’s now got experience. Also, it’s still early and he could turn up at Malaysia and be completely erratic which I hope he’s not, but my point is it’s still early but he’s kicked off this season in a wonderful way.

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    One must wonder how Robert Kubica would have done in that Renault.

    Considering he would have had Heidfeld’s car with broken KERS, he wouldn’t have made it out of Q2, would have pootled around and then found himself no higher than 4th at the end of the race.

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