Was 2010 the best Belgian Grand Prix?

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    As ever, this year provided us with a thoroughly entertaining Belgian Grand Prix. Over the years there have been some classics held at Spa-Francorchamps, such as 1998, 2000 and most recently 2008 – but this year’s race may have even bettered all of the aforementioned. The race had everything: a chaotic first lap, plenty of overtaking, variable weather conditions and lots of incidents and crashes. I know I found it very exciting, although I was gutted to see Rubens throw away a likely high placed finish on the first lap.

    Please share your thoughts on the Grand Prix below.

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    sbl on tour

    unfortunately for me I had my dosh on nando and to make matters worse my old mucker flav had his on lewis!


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    I don’t know, I think 1998 was far more dramatic but it’s certainly one of the Top 5 since I’ve been watching F1.

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    I don’t think there was one lap in today’s race as exciting as the penultimate lap of the 2008 Belgian GP. But as a whole race, today’s was the best I’ve seen, all it lacked was a bit of a fight for the win.

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    1. 1995

    2. 1998

    3. 2010

    4. 1992

    5. 2000

    Best Spas since 1990. 2010 should be a Top 5 if you include all the races at the new Spa.

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    What about 2008?

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    1: 1995

    2: 2000

    3: 2008

    4: 1998

    5: 2010

    If only all tracks were like Spa…

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    1998 was the best with 2008 those opening laps & the nail biting last few laps in the wet.

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    damon – oops, missed 2008. it just edges out 2000 for me. 2000 was actually a so-so race other than that pass. :)

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    Its hard for me to choose, I went to the track in 2008 and experienced it, but 2010 seemed more action packed expecially in the middle of the race . Hmm…

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    Alianora La Canta

    This is a difficult one for me. I find it easier to remember the Belgian Grands Prix that I didn’t find particularly exciting (1994, 2002, 2007) than the ones that were (um… …all the ones after 1994 bar the ones previously mentioned in this post)…

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