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    john rodgers

    Due to this wonderful recession the BBC have lost F1 (Partially) as we all know. As an Ex-pat living in Riyadh, and an F1 nutter I have lost my beloved I Player for half the races. Can anyone help me find a similar service so I can continue to enjoy my beloved sport at a time that suits me, so the time differences are irrelevant.
    PS also preferably subscription free?



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    john rodgers

    PS Guys, I mean all coverage practice and all…

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    I’m going the SkyGo route, works out £35 for a single month access.


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    But if you could just continue to watch the races from iPlayer, albeit “extended highlights” for half the races with a delay.

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    john rodgers

    thing is 35£ month is nuts when all EPL is here free anyho (and I mean EVERY match). will check your guys fastcastor many thanks

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    Try this:
    You can watch Sky Sports F1 HD online.

    You can also see what is on right now and what time the sessions will be on:

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    @arowan can you explain to me exactly how to get this monthly ticket with f1 included?……when I go through the various layers of the website until I get to the part where you choose a monthly ticket package there is only an espn package available….

    scratch that just worked it out…..seems to work well…. cheers mate :) I had no idea it was that easy….
    i’m very satisfied and since it’s its just a one off payment, I can buy it purely when there are grandprixs on that aren’t on bbc!


    This site worked brilliantly this morning – http://eplsite.biz/stream1.html

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    You can right-click on the screen in the vipbox.tv one to change the aspect ratio as it looks a bit squashed first time.

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    watching live i stopped doing….
    the quality is just to bad….

    so for me, downloading the next day is more pleasurable then accepting all the poor available streams….
    i even paid a couple of these fakers who would provide good streams….
    but no delivery….

    all races are a few hours later or the next day available on news servers, so always maximum download speed an super quality….

    patience is for me the virtue….;-)

    happy season….

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    sbl on tour

    thanks for the heads up, cant rem which link I clicked on but that sky link was pretty good, much better than 5 live

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    @kevincucamest does the first link show the races and quali or just car launches?


    So is there a way we can watch the race live over the net on any site ?

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    The German RTL channel broadcast everything and is free to air. I have an old Astra satellite decoder box to watch on tv but I’m pretty sure they show it on their website (not checked on this yet). For English commentary the BBC 5live channel is best and should be available via http://www.bbc.co.uk
    Sky might plug these holes soon though I think.


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