Watching Spa quali in Joburg…

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    Hi all

    I’m in Johannesburg for the weekend and I know that quali will be shown on SuperSports 5, but for some reason my hotel only has SS 1-4! Does anyone know of any way of watching quali from SA? I should have internet access but it’s likely to be fairly low bandwidth.





    I used to live in Joburg and I think SS2 will show quali and the race (SS5 is the Portuguese channel which broadcasts some events simultaneously if I remember right).

    A word of warning, Sasha Martinengo and his crew are a bunch of feeble minded fools posing as F1 pundits! They make Legard look like an F1 encyclopaedia.



    Thanks GeeMac – looks like the quali will be shown delayed at 4pm local time on SS2, but at least the race is live!

    I’ll watch with a bowl of mopani worms washed down with Pinotage (I’m lying about one of these items).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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