Webber 2012 ?


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    Pains me to say so, but I agree with RIISE on this.

    Who would replace him though?


    Russell Gould

    I don’t see Webber playing second fiddle to anyone. Even with the enormous support for Seb within Red Bull, Mark seemingly had no qualms about publicly sharing his feelings about being treated like a “Number Two”.

    I don’t see that guy yielding position to ‘Nando, regardless of team affiliation (and Luca’s checkbook)!



    I don’t think it would have to be a “like-for-like” replacement If Webber left. Probably someone completely off our radar.



    Red Bull have had a taste of success- they’re not going to want to go backwards. When Webber retires, Red Bull will be looking for someone good- someone who can work with Vettel to win the Championship. If they go for a rookie, they’ll have to be pretty damn good. I think an established driver is more likely.

    I don’t see Hamilton leaving McLaren- at least not for the time being. And Button seems pretty settled as well. Massa would be a possibility, but if Ferrari get rid of him, why would Red Bull want him? Kubica would be another contender, but of course that relies entirely on him returning to F1 at all.

    Now, I know lots of people here will tell me to stop talking silly, but I still think Raikkonen will make a return at some point. And Red Bull would be the PERFECT place for him to go. For those of you who dismiss a Raikkonen return, I look forward to saying “I told you so” in a year or two time :)



    Kimi Raikkonen

    This is turning out even worse than Godwin’s Law, I think it deserves its own term by now!



    Around these parts he should simply be referred to as ‘the R-word’.

    I really don’t see him coming back, he knows how tough Schumacher had it last year and we all know he doesn’t like the spotlight on him.



    Red Bull has had a taste of success yes, but only a taste. They won’t jeopardise that if Vettel wins again this year I don’t believe. I’m not saying they’ll put a no hoper in the car, but maybe someone who’s in the midfield now, or a race/championship winner from a feeder series – the next hamilton perhaps. I dunno.


    Stephen Jones

    did someone say raikonnen in this thread?


    Nic Morley

    I don’t undserstand why people write Webber of so early. Alot of people wrote him off early 2010 too. Last year he led the championship for a long while and took 4 wins, I bet those’ right off Webber’ people wouldn’t have predicted that. Webber’s only 34 too. He is a really fit guy, people presume he is old and broken down. No he is not.

    To be honest if Webber does retire at the end of this year, i will be surprised. I would say he has a few more years left in him. Look at Barrichello, Trulli, de la Rosa; even Shumacher.



    Im looking at Barrichello, Trulli, de la Rosa; even Shumacher & to tell the truth, im not seeing much hope for them either…


    Prisoner Monkeys

    For those of you who dismiss a Raikkonen return, I look forward to saying “I told you so” in a year or two time

    I’ll mark it on my calendar, since Raikkonen himself has said he’s not interested in coming back.



    He has better racecraft than Vettel, is a better overtaker (unless Hamilton is involved)

    Or a Lotus.



    I honestly believe that if neither str driver steps up this year they will be replaced by ricciardo by the mid way point. When this happens rbr should keep webber on for another season in a hope to develop ricciardo at str for 1.5 seasons, then move ricciardo into webber’s seat for 2013.


    Bradley Downton

    Alguersuari will out-perform the car and his team-mate this year while Webber has an average season… Expect Jaime to be playing Second fiddle to Red Bull star Seb by at least 2013



    I must say, I would love it if Webber can use the DRS to pass Vettel in the 3rd lap in Australia and RBR does NOT mess it up with a dodgy pitsop or two. Having him win it would be just about the only thing convincing me, they really dont just want Vettel to win it.

    Then he could do another year with them for the nr. 1 car or just set of in the sunset and work on promotion of other drivers or have a team himself.

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