Webber : 'Vettel is number one'

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    I’m sure Keith will spot this and put it on the round up, but..


    Webber feels Vettel is still No.1



    Legard also tweeted: Vettel quote to German tv today: “if Mark needs help, he should take the medical car”. Webber apparently not amused nor surprised



    Actually, I don’t think he specifically said that. I got the text off of the BBC website which is a bit misleading. But never the less, the intent is there.

    @steph. Wow, claws are out… no love lost.



    God I wish Webber would stop moaning. He’s the one who’s had the perfect car all year that’s never broken down. He’s just making excuses for when Alonso wins the title.

    If he leaves Red Bull, Buemi could end up being number 0 too if he wins. That’d be sweeeeet!

    (Also Steph Legard “quoted” that even though it wasn’t a direct quote, he didn’t say exactly what he wrote. Then again it is Legard. Don’t expect him to get anything right. Especially as he’s in love with Webber and Button.)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    It could be a psychological thing to make Ferrari think Webber is on the back foot.



    Agree with Tommy, needs to stop reeling off the excuses.

    It’s his fault he isn’t ahead in the championship, nobody elses…



    Agree with Superted. Webber has no one other than himself to blame if he doesn’t win the title this year. If his teammate had the same reliability on his RB6, he would have comfortably won the title by now. Prior to the 2009 season, I always wondered if Webber was ever handed a top drive, would he be able to win a WDC. This year he couldn’t have asked for a more dominant and reliable car, and I guess it answers my question to whether he is WDC material.



    Agree with Todfod, Superted and TommyB.

    I also just can’t stand when drivers blatantly try to steal fans because they want the sympathy vote. Makes me happy that Button and Vettel beat moaning Barrichello and Webber last season.


    Dan Thorn

    Webber’s far too wise to moan for no reason. It’s a psycological thing, it wouldn’t surprise me if he swanned off and won the race.



    To be fair, if you read his comment, he’s not exactly making up any excuses for losing the title or not winning races. He’s just resonating what Christian Horner himself said a few weeks ago: that Red Bull is ready to build the team around Vettel, who was many years left in Formula One. Webber, on the other hand, is on his way out.

    I’m sure that if Webber loses the world championship, he will be the first one to blame himself.



    Red Bull probably would prefer Vettel to win the Championship. In fact, every team would have their favoured driver to win if they were in contention.

    However, Red Bull have acted impartially to both drivers, so even though they may have a favourite, it doesn’t make any difference.



    90% of the comments around this story take Webbers’ comments completely out of context

    Read the transcript and it is a completely different story, plus Webber has a history of only saying what needs to be said to suit his own purpose


    Fer no.65

    What nik says. If you read the whole thing, it gives another impression. He’s not saying: “boy, i should be the Number one”. He’s just saying he feels the team is more behind Vettel in terms of emotional support, which is true, really.

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