Went to a pub, turned out the landlady married an F1 driver…


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    Keith Collantine

    Yesterday evening I went for a family meal at a pub which, I should make it clear from the start, I played no role in choosing!

    Stepping inside the door the first thing that greets us is a series of photographs of F1 drivers from the eighties. This was to the considerable disappointment of my hungry relatives who now had to endure me explaining who each of them was before we got to our table.

    After our meal I had a poke around the pub and found lots more pictures, so I asked the waitress if the owner was a big F1 fan. She told me the landlady took all the photographs of the drivers, and set her over to have a word with me.

    It turned out she’d become involved in the Grand Prix scene because she had been married to Tom Pryce – the Welsh driver who took pole position for the British Grand Prix while driving for Shadow in 1975. As many readers will know, Pryce was considered a promising talent before his death in an appalling accident at Kyalami in 1977, when his car struck a marshal who ran across the circuit.

    Jacky, his widow, remained part of the Grand Prix scene until 1994. Along with many photos of Pryce there were plenty more of Ayrton Senna and other eighties racers.

    She was keen to talk more about her life in F1 though understandably not on a Saturday evening when her pub was packed with punters. I’ll be going back in future to hear more about her F1 reminiscences.



    It really is a small world…



    What a nice story. And I remember the subject of the accident as it was discussed in here recently.
    Bet the landlady was happy that you remember her husband.
    Thanks fo sharing it. :)


    Alex Iqbal

    That is so cool i would love to go to that pub, i bet she has some great stories. Also i love the fact that your family are similar to mine and feel that me talking about f1 is something that they have to endure


    Oh wow. The accident that claimed both Pryce and the young South African marshal’s lives was tragic enough, but hearing about his widow really reminds you of the true human cost of the fatal accidents that still occur in motorsport today.

    I can’t imagine what that poor woman went through after that tragedy.



    So you’re going to tell the wife you’re off to the pub to appreciate the landlady’s huge tracts of… f1 pictures?



    This isn’t an April Fools’ joke now, is it? ;) Just making sure.

    If this is legit, this would make for an awesome feature. :)



    @journeyer This was posted very late on the 31st March in GMT time, so might might very well be legit! :P



    Great story! Is this her?



    From the sources I’ve found, his wife appears to have been Nella (short for Fenella) and according to at least one article, is living in the south of France.



    It took me a while to understand the title of the thread. Instead I read:
    1. Went to a pub,
    2. Turned out the landlady,
    3. Married an F1 driver.
    That would have been a Saturday night that could only have happened in Vegas ;-)


    Aish Heydrich

    Lol adrianmorse. :D



    Story is 100% true. I was there.

    Had soup and Thai curry but thats de-railling the thread slightly!


    Aish Heydrich

    @ratboy: You just went off topic my friend.



    @adrianmorse I laughed at that more than I probably should have…

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