What do you think of Portimao circuit? Should it held a Grand Prix?

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    Because I’m portuguese, I would like to now what do people from outside my country think about the circuit. I think it needs to have more attractive things around it to become more pleasant to our view, but in general is a nice circuit with some fast blind corners. Do you think it’s a good candidate for substitute Valencia for the European GP?



    It is always nice to see a new circuit on the F1 calendar, and I wouldn’t mind Portugal at all. For the 2011 pre-season testing, I’m sure it is hosting a session, there is a forum thread somewhere on it.

    Much as I’d like to see Portimao, Bernie Ecclestone probably wouldn’t. In a sport that is trying to reach all six continents, Portugal doesn’t fit in with Bernie’s grand plan.

    However, it’s a great track, and I’d love to see it. But I don’t think we will anytime soon.



    That’s the same feeling I have.



    Yes, Bernie is looking for South Africa, Russia, USA, India and other countries which will expand F1 worldwide. Those might not necessarily be great tracks for the fans, but money, revenue and commericalities come first these days.



    Yes it’s an awesome track better then Valencia, & there are interest of F1 but I doubt whether that track will pass the FIA standard & more importantly will soemone be able to convince Bernie for that?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I’d welcome Portimao, but I’m hesitant … I’ve heard it’s had a couple of processional races in the lower formulae and touring cars.


    Keith Collantine

    PM – don’t know who told you that, the GP2, A1 Grand Prix and British F3 races there were all very good. It was supposed to have a GP2 round this year but it didn’t happen, apparently due to unpaid bills from their previous GP2 meeting. A pity because I really rate the circuit, though apparently it’s a bit remote.

    Wasi – I’m sure it is F1-standard, they’ve certainly held testing there in the past (though it was quite soon after the track had been completed and they had trouble with the track surface still being oily – something we might hear more about later this week…)

    More here: Could F1 make a return to Portugal at the Algarve International Circuit?



    It looks great and it’s a shame it will probably be a while before we go there. Returning to one European country would be a nice balance with the current expansion.



    The problem is the bills. I’m sure you have heard about the financial situation that my country is living now. The salaries are decreasing and the taxes rising. The budget for next year seems it won’t be approved. Keith, about that article that you made in 2008, Laurentino Dias is a guy who is just “eating” the money from the Portuguese people and doesn’t does nothing. And I’m sure if Portugal will have a unlikely grand prix, it will be an private investment.



    They had a rather excellent GT1 Race there last month. It looked fantastic, especially the elevation changes, the run downhill into the last corner in particular. You can watch the race free online at http://www.gt1world.com/gt1tv, with commentary from David Croft and John Watson.

    I think that there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have a race, as it doesn’t really make sense to have two Iberian races both in Spain, when there’s fans and a great track in Portugal, but even if it were to work out financially from Bernie’s point of view, it would be a long time before the event were to materialise, because of the enduring contracts for Barcelona and Valencia.

    Really, I’d like to see both of the Spanish races replaced, moving one to Portimao and another to either Motorland Aragon (watch highlights of the Motogp there to see why) or Navarra (although that track is as yet unproven and looks a bit too similar to Portimao) anything would be an improvement on the current venues.


    Ned Flanders

    Yeah I remember the A1 GP race they held a few years ago was great.

    On paper, the layout looks pretty boring, full of twisty hairpins coiling around each other. But in reality it’s amazing, with all the undulation really bringing the circuit to life. The hill on the start- finish straight is so steep!

    Of course, the only hope of Portimao holding a GP is if the FOTA teams go ahead with a 2013 breakaway series. We haven’t heard much about this, but I’d be amazed if they aren’t looking into one as a contingency plan/ negotiating tool in the upcoming fight over money with FOM and CVC



    Drop Catalunya and Valencia and make Portimao the host of the Iberian Grand Prix!



    That’s a good ideia, Metrium. An Iberian Grand Prix!

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