What would the reaction be if Bruno Senna won at Interlagos?

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    If i could have control over one race next season i would let Senna win in Brazil. I’ve never been to Brazil or a race so i’m not sure how the interest in F1 is compared to 20 years ago, but I think it would be fantastic. Do you guys think this would be huge for the country? or would most not really care.


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    Knowing how the Brazilian fans are, they’d probably explode. Makes me think of the disgusting way they treated Rubens throughout his career though…

    Think of how they reacted in 2008 when Massa was champion for a few seconds…a win for Bruno would probably cheer them up equally as much, simply by virtue of being the late Ayrton’s nephew.

    The way I’d put it: Massa win < Bruno win <= Massa WDC < Bruno WDC


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    @pamphlet how have they treated Barrichello?


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    I imagine they’d be pretty happy about it…then pile the pressure on for him to bring home a WDC!


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    Whatever the car is like (whether it turns out to be dominant which is highly unlikely or the same place it was last year) I think it would make a big impression and give the Brazilians something to cheer for. I know I would be very happy to see him win at his home GP but at the moment I still have list him as a pay driver, with so much sponsorship from Brazil with the Senna name he is v bringing in a lot of cash. So next year for me I hope he can show some good results for the car he is in and prove me wrong.


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    I think a Senna in a Williams (powered by Renault) winning in Brazil would be too much to handle for the fans.


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    The Brazilian fans are probably the best and the wildest F1 Fanatics on earth. Did you hear the crowd when Massa was champion for about 20 seconds? Bruno, Ayrton’s nephew, winning in a Williams Renault at Interlagos? The place might just explode.


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    @pamphlet What do you mean about Barrichello’s treatment?


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    They’d be shooting into the air and firing up the grills for all the flying pigs they caught.

    But supposing it happens one day when it’s a more realistic proposition, I would imagine the atmosphere would be unimaginable ;-)


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    @icthyes Haha!, laughed at that one


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    For him to win there…..chances are easier to see those pigs jumping over the moon


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    I’d change my medication


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    I wouldn´t worry to much about this…. I think you´d have an easier chance of fitting 6 Hippos in a VW golf than this happening…

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