What do you want in F1 2011 Game?

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    Bradley Downton

    So basically what the title says. I will speak to Keith and maybe see if we can compile a list and get it sent to codemasters from the truest F1 fans



    The Nurburgring Nordschliefe


    Bradley Downton

    I would like to firstly see a more realistic Race Weekend. Free Practice is good as it is and Qualifying i dont really think can be changed, but the race. Firstly i love the idea of starting in the garage but would prefer it if you were able to walk all around the paddock all the time and choose when to get into the car for practice, quali etc. So complete control and freedom to go anywhere in the paddock. Now you should be allowed to drive out of the garage and do the lap to grid, being careful to avoid the people on the grid and park in YOUR grid spot. You can then get out and walk along the grid and back to the paddock or get interviewed on the grid if you stay there. Then you should get to do the parade lap nd the race. There should also be the red flags nd saftey cars (with options to fast forward or turn off these periods for the people who dont want to participate in them). There should be the chance of torrential rain cancelling qualifying or postponing the race, see brackets above. You should get full control in the pitlane and also get to do the victory lap and park in the pits then get out and go back to your trailer. Or, if you’re in the top three, you should be able to get out and do a celebration then walk up to the podium and have that. You should also get to celebrate on the podium and spray the champagne. Then going to the press conference then back to the trailer. I would love to see these things in the game because it would really improve the whole ‘Live the life’ feature.



    My list

    -Safety car

    -No pit glitch

    -Interviews on the grid

    -Victory lap

    -Formation lap


    -Choose a celebration on your podium (taking inspiration from Football games)

    -Create your own track and be able to put that into the season

    -Mabye a realistic season and a arcade season arcade could include create a track.

    -Other drivers to move teams aswell

    -More multiplayer game modes such as a sprint mode that is 1 lap

    -Can include custom tracks in multiplayer

    -Engineer and the crew change when you move teams

    -Newspapers (if you win a race it will create a story for you which you can mabye read as you are waiting in the paddock to go out for practice.

    -Split screen multiplayer

    -Co-op career mode both online and split screen.



    I would prefer a greater focus on realism and simulation with all of the arcade and fantasy crap either removed or confined to the console versions.



    1. More realistic crash-models.

    2. Guys waving flags when there is a calamity.

    3. A little more easiness on the penalties… sometimes you barely touch a car and you get 5 places or 10 seconds.

    4. Better A.I.

    5. It’s childish, but I wanna be on a podium with hot women and champagne.

    6. Co-op season, with 22 computer-driven cars and 2 humans.

    7. Why not the ability to walk around the pit and on the track with all the cars being prepared instead of the lame interview-system.



    A thread already exists for this. http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/forum/topic.php?id=408



    I’m a massive f1 fan and these are the things i would like to see on the 2011 game to make it more realistic

    1. safety car and suspending races for heavy rain or for a big crash (red flags)

    2. improvement on the damage. e.g wheels hanging off, rear wing failures etc

    3. tyre barriers where the car actually goes into it

    4. custom mode where you are able to create a circuit and race it online or in a season; plus create a team where again you can race online or in a season

    5. in career other drivers move to different teams

    6. being able to drive from the pits to the grid and park in your respective grid slot and victory lap after the race has finished

    7. being able to control the driver throughout the weekend so you can walk around the paddock and in the pit garages. plus when finishing a race controlling what the driver does within the cockpit such as your own celebrations



    Not another thread!

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