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What did Ferrari change in Massa’s car?

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    Gabriel Fernando

    I dont know why Felipe was so strong today, for me, Ferrari changed something in his car. What do you think?

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    Fernando was so eager to prove he could be WDC in a slow car, he let the team put all the updates on Massa’s car instead of his.

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    @gabrielfernando I think Massa’s been quicker for two weekends now.

    Profile photo of Pamphlet

    @raymondu999 – Arguably 3. He had better pace than Alonso in Singapore even though he had to make his supersofts last 20 laps (33% than anyone else, and that’s with Vettel and Button reaaaaaaally saving them, whereas Massa had to contend with Senna and catch Grosjean afterwards).

    His lap without a tow at Monza was better than Alonso’s lap without a tow, and the latter’s car failure hampered Massa’s second attempt as well. I can’t recall if it’s both drivers that had telemetry issues or just Massa though.

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    Frain stermin

    Gabriel Fernando

    As i understand the italian language i listen to the interview in rai 1 in the end of the race. They were talking for different set up in both cars. Ferrari use Massa sometimes as tester (and gambling also)to test new solutions and maybe the solutions in Massa’s car were working (good news for fernando).
    It was also the last stint, Alonso was saving tyres and engine, RB were untouchable, Massa was behind so no real presion for him…Alonso was just thinking to bring the ferrari to the finish and maybe what he should say to the engineers for the next couple of races.
    But Massa still finish 6.3 sec behind so Alonso had more tyres than him…but nothing special . The important is that the update in Massa’s car were working…

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    If team orders weren’t a factor, we could have seen Massa finish as high as 2nd, but definitely 3rd. Either Ferrari are testing experimental setup on Massa’s car that have worked each time or we’re genuinely seeing the old 2008 Massa again.

    Profile photo of HoHum

    I think that Massa, like Button, is a very fast driver when he has a fast car that is perfectly suited to him, but suffers even more than Button when the car is not right. Alonso and Hamilton are more able to adapt to the car they have.

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    but suffers even more than Button when the car is not right.

    Disagree. Had it been Massa through Button’s slump from Bahrain to Britain the internet community would be screaming for the FIA to take his super licence away. I still think that 2008 Felipe, in his prime, was better than Jenson ever was. But that’s being that of course.

    On topic, Massa has been on a roll as of late. Hopefully he can keep it up. Should he continue to perform as he currently is, Ferrari resigning him would be perfectly respectable.

    Profile photo of raymondu999

    @HoHum I agree with @Kingshark – Massa I believe can still drive around handling deficiencies. He wasn’t too bad in the 2009 car.

    Profile photo of Jarred Walmsley
    Jarred Walmsley

    @Bosley, it could well be a combination of both, with the new setup working better for Massa, giving him confidence back and thus a return to his former 2008 glory.

    Profile photo of zippyone

    Whatever it is, I am very glad to see Massa’s got his speed back, I just hope it continues as I have always had a soft spot for him and really want to see him do well again. I should think he will stay on now.

    Profile photo of HoHum

    Whatever, I am certainly glad that he is no longer playing moving roadblock.

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