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What is your favorite track,season and grand prix?

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    Personally my favorite track is Spa Belgium season 2010 when its over and im not sure about grand prix ill think about it.

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    Track: Spa Francorchamps

    Season: 2010 or 2007

    GP: Brazil 2006

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    Track: Spa

    Season 2008: Will be 2010 when’s over probably.

    GP: Suzuka 2005 or Brazil 2008… or Monza 2008 :)

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    Dan Thorn

    Track: Monza

    Season: 2005

    GP: Hungary 2006

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    Track – Spa (I sense that being a popular one)

    Season – 2009 (following JB for 10 years, it had to be this one)

    GP – Brazil 2008 (I might not have liked the result, but how much more drama do you want?)

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    Track: Monza. Lot of love for Brazil, Monaco, Montreal and Suzuka though!

    Season: 2008. 2007, 06, 05 were great too.

    GP: for action Hungary 2006. It had the best wet weather drive ever I think and I’m sure Dan agrees :P otherwise for drama, emotion and action Brazil 2008. It also gave me a few seconds of Massa being champion.


    Track: Any Tilkedrome

    Season: 2004 of course!

    Race: Germany 2010. What a battle for the lead!!!

    OK, seriously.

    Track: Gotta go for Spa, dynamic weather is a must!

    Season: Most likely 2008, even though I liked 2006 as well. 2003 as well, for the first season I followed closely and there being a battle

    Race: Brazil 2008 was the most emotional ever. Nurburgring 1999 after rewatching.

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    sbl on tour

    1982, all of it!

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    Track: Spa Francorchamps

    Season: 2009, 2007

    GP: Brazil 2006

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    Track : Spa Francorchamps

    Season : 2010 when its over

    GP : Spa 2009

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    Track: Suzuka

    Season: 2007

    Race: Brazil 2008

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    Sound_Of_Madness, I love you. Ahem.

    Track: Suzuka. If only you could overtake there.

    Season: 2007 (2010 the way it is going).

    Race: Silverstone 2008. I don’t consider it the best race I’ve ever seen but certainly my favourite.

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    Track: Monza (just)

    Season: 2007 – Wish I could remember 94-96

    Race: Has to be Brazil 2008, Spa 2008 comes second

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    Red Andy

    Track: Interlagos

    Season: 1999 (though of the recent ones 2006 and 2008 were pretty special – not sure why 2007 is so popular, the racing was dreadful even if the championship was close)

    Race: Brazilian GP 2003

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    Track: Spa

    Season: 2008

    Race: Belgium 2008 (Simply for the atmoshpere when Raikkonen retired at the track)

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