What is your opinion Lotus’s team orders?

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    Aditya Banerjee

    Where’s the outrage when the Toro Rosso drivers meekly go off throttle to let their flying cousins past,before proceeding to hold off the Maccas and the Ferraris?? Where was the outrage when team orders were issued at the start of the 1998 season by Ron Dennis??? Why is the Scuderia always pilloried by the British media?? How ridiculous they appear when they continuously overlook the actions by British teams and make feeble attempts to cover up their duplicity….




    It´s good to know that although the move in 2010 was not liked, it wouldn´t have made a difference in the end result as you stated. About the “dirty champion” thing, well the truth is that it annoyed me as hell when they attacked him and called him that and I guess the hypocrecy of it is what annoyed me the most because every other team had, has and will use team orders. Maybe they won´t be as bad but the end result is what matters. Some can sugar coat messages better than others so I really don´t get the outrage and condemnation Ferrari gets.

    I think “meekly go off throttle” is an understament. If you have noticed RBR most of the time come out behind one of their other team´s car and of course, they very seldomly get opposition from them and if they do… they get sacked just as Jaime Alguersuari for hoding up SV. I guess they fail to see that and just turn the other way.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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