what position is good at Korean GP??


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    i’m planning to go to Korean GP and doing ticketing now…

    but don’t know which position is cost-effective

    see the below pic…


    I think that candidate positions are ‘G’ and ‘H-a’, because it’s mid speed section and has a hairpin in front of ‘H-a’. if i’m lucky, i will be able to see a overtake at the hairpin.

    but i’m not sure if that place is good or not…

    what do you think which place is good to see?



    If you like the feeling of cars headed straight for you, I say H-a. That said, position G means you see the cars a bit longer as that is much a much longer straight than the one facing H-a (although in that case, the cars are headed away from you).



    not to far north.



    I would proberbly choose ‘J-b’. It looks as though you will be able to see a fair bit of the track from that position.



    A defensive position?



    Why not choose E-b? You would have a good view of the cars throug the whole complex there (from the corner at H-b until the hairpins at the end of that) and you get to see what’s happening at the hairpin between the small and the long straight as well. With binoculars you might get some good views on what’s going on at the other side of the circuit as well.

    Or why not D, it looks like there might actually be some overtaking in the hairpins there (if there will be a chance of that). But the H-a does seem to make sense, you get to see a large area of the track as well.



    thanks a lot everyone…

    it was really helpful :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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