What teams would you like to see come back into F1?

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    Iestyn Davies

    Given that some of the current teams are struggling to make it to end the season, while Haas is looking to come in, my question is: what would you want to see happen?

    In my mind, it’s nice to have the historic Lotus name, but if that team runs out of cash post-Maldonado, I would like to see it become Renault again, with an all-French line up of Grosjean-Vergne/Pic-Ocon. Lotus junior Esteban Ocon is coming on strong in F3, so could realistically partner Grosjean in a few years time.

    Despite Honda’s efforts with partnering McLaren, I would like to see them come back as a team owner, if smaller teams are dropping, e.g. Marussia. But they would inevitably spend for a few years and quit when success doesn’t reappear. My thoughts are that we might as well promote manufacturer names with the teams that are not currently sustainable.

    Toro Rosso and Forza Rossa is an odd situation to have.. I would like to see one branded as Alfa Romeo (perhaps the Romanian effort), and used as a ‘Ferrari Junior team’ to rival Red Bulls effort. However if RB have had enough, then FIAT should snap up Toro Rosso for this purpose. Maserati anyone? And perhaps it’s best for Renault to buy Milton Keynes instead, in this scenario..

    Haas I actually want to see succeed, as we need an American team, but I am fearing that it will be another HRT like effort (despite his good personal backing, who wants to throw money in a pit and burn it?). Rossi and Daly could be migrating in that direction, along with experienced guys like Kovalainen or Di Resta. Rossi might do well to flee the sinking Caterham ship after this year’s GP2 championship is done. Hopefully this isn’t the end of the line for Robin Frijns either.

    If Sauber is out of cash, I would like to see BMW Sauber again.. BMW have just started taking up junior drivers for a Touring car program, which is the first step back towards competing as a team. Not sure who can take over Caterham just yet.. while we might be seeing Viva la Mexico (instead of Force India) sooner rather than later. Wouldn’t it be odd if Lotus and Caterham finally consolidated and returned to profitability? (A man can dream)

    I suppose I am seeing manufacturers fill in the gaps that are currently opening up on the grid.. Lets see how successful cost-capping (and much needed better prize money distribution) is at keeping the current teams in existence.

    Full 13 team line up
    Red Bull
    Force Mexico (Force India.. keeping ‘Force’ to keep the Bernie money flowing.. Telmex title sponsorship)
    Maserati (Toro Rosso)
    BMW Sauber (Sauber)
    Honda (Marussia)
    Lotus (Lotus/Caterham/Lotus)
    Alfa Romeo (Forza Rossa)


    David Not Coulthard

    Tyrrell (No, it’s not team Brackley as much as I love to trace Team Brackley back to it)
    Team Lotus (not Lotus F1 Team)
    A team led by Brawn (won’t have to be Team Brackley again)
    Jaguar (hopefully withOUT Karthikeyan)
    Audi (Well, Auto Union)


    Nic Morley

    Jaguar, Jordan, Prost, Arrows, Minardi.



    Honestly I’d rather see a ‘classic route’ to F1 return; from a F3 team, to GP2, to F1. I’d love it if a team like ART, Arden, Carlin, DAMS could move on in some form. Of course, Manor tried but failed, and the last team to really do this was Forti in the 90s and they didn’t exactly last. Or former drivers running teams, for some reason I’ve always thought Gerhard Berger would be a good guy to run his own team. (Arguably, STR did better when he was involved, too).

    If we’re talking old teams coming back, I’d love to see the Scuderia Italia name return for a Ferrari junior team. I’d also like names like Tyrrell, Brabham, Arrows/Footwork or Benetton come back, but only if it were legit in some way. I find it very hard to get excited about Team Lotus Renault GP Team Racing Engineering Team F1 or the people who were taken to court over trying to use the Brabham name for the 2010 entries.

    If Enstone were to re-use a different name, I hope they go with Toleman if they don’t get factory support. Otherwise Renault should just buy back the team, IMO.

    Speaking of buying teams, I’d like Colin Kolles’ effort (of which news has been thin) to try and buy Caterham if they quit. If Marussia goes under, maybe Honda through McLaren could step in and do a Super Aguri, but with someone like Saturo Nakajima?



    What I would ideally like to see happen is for Red Bull to drop the STR moniker and name the team Minardi again. When they bought the team they kept the base in Italy and wanted it to remain Italian, so why take away one of the most loved names in the sport? STR are probably the most soulless team on the grid, call them “Red Bull Minardi Renault” (i.e. just be the main sponsor) and keep sticking the Red Bull Junior Team drivers in the seats and I think you would find a few more people supporting them.

    Other than that I’d like to see the Brabham name back, but only with the support of the family. It has been close to coming back recently of course, but in different hands.



    Out of all the teams that disappeared in the post-2000 era, I miss Minardi the very most.
    Super Aguri was another team I had a soft spot for.. real spirited (and right quick at times) contenders!



    I’d like to see Ferrari come back into F1…

    But while we wait and hope for that to occur, I don’t want to see any more great names attached to new teams for cynical commercial reasons. Nobody was fooled by either of the “Lotus” revivals. Although the black & gold cars look quite good, I’d rather see them racing as Renaults, in the yellow and black they used in their last year. It would have to be the team (or family, location etc) that returns, not just the name.


    Iestyn Davies

    It’s interesting that we really have ‘franchises’ now.. Caterham moved into the old Arrows base, and I think Super Aguri were ran from it as well, launching their cars from old Arrows and catching up with the works Honda eventually.

    If Caterham folded, then Arrows would be a good interim name for the original base, unless Honda step in and decide to do something in the vein of Super Aguri (Honda B-team, if McLaren is the A-team). We could see something like ART have in GP2, with Vandoorne (McLaren Junior) alongside Izawa (Honda driver).

    I think most of these bases are in Motorsport valley in the UK – only Ferrari and Toro Rosso are outside, in Maranello and Faenza. Toyota were based in Cologne, and HRT tried to match a Cologne base with Spain. Haas is trying to now do this with Europe and USA..



    I think most of these bases are in Motorsport valley in the UK – only Ferrari and Toro Rosso are outside, in Maranello and Faenza.

    The last time I checked Hinwil was in Switzerland… ;)


    Iestyn Davies

    My bad :P forgot to include that!



    Teams that fulfil my nostalgic memories of F1 when I began watching in 2002.

    The green Jaguar
    The yellow Jordan
    Lucky Strike BAR
    The orange Arrows
    The black Minardo



    Only one. Jordan.

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