What theme should Sky use in place of “The Chain”?

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    Prisoner Monkeys


    In today’s round-up, Keith posted the following Tweet from Jake Humphreys:

    “You’ll love our new opening titles this year. The Chain remains (obviously!) but the pictures change. We’ve done what many asked for…”

    This reminded me of a thread that @aus_steve created about six weeks ago about providing intro music for GP2. And so I put two and two togehter an started wondering:

    Assuming that Sky cannot, does not or will not use The Chain for their Formula 1 coverage, what music track should they use?

    Personally, my vote goes to Janelle Monáe’s Cold War:


    Though as an Australian, we don’t actually get intro music aside for generic FOM titles.


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    Stephen Jones


    is she.. naked?

    this isn’t the equivalent of the chain, but if SKY (or BBC!) doesn’t use this song for the season intro montage, i will cry..


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    No, she isn’t. She wore a strapless dress for the video. Do you think I would have posted it without watching it first?


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    Stephen Jones


    was having a laugh! it’s a cool song

    i do know what shouldn’t be the intro.. http://youtu.be/qzo3fccGbSw


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    Keith Collantine


    “Ajare” by Way out West. As used by ITV in their 1997 end-of-season review:


    (If anyone spots that 1997 ITV F1 montage, do post it below, it’s very good.)


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    I really hope they don’t go down the techno-dancey route. Equally, there’s a risk of some artsy offering like the Just Drive song for the BBC’s 2010 season montage, or something plain bland like the Kasabian one they used.

    The fastest circuit racing in the world, action (hopefully), drama (inevitable), the music should reflect that. Something fast and hard (remember Favourite Game from the 1998 ITV montage?). The intro the F1 2011 (the game) is a good example of this; I thought it was the Foo Fighters at first, so why not them:


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    Found the 1997 review!


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    Sonate L33 (or K87) by Scarlatti, played by Pogorelich. Couldn’t find a link. Only Horowitz, but that’s like an elephant, compared to Pogorelich.

    Would be a bit of a contrast that, but I think I don’t know anything more beautiful.


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    Personally, I think Sky should (and probably will) use something like this, Coldplay’s Charlie Brown;


    (@thescottwilkes will love this one!)

    *EDIT* You said Scoot ;) – Ratboy


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    Why not “Make a Move on Me,” as fittingly shown in this video?


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    something on the lines of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CNutWhmlqM


    @jonnyw360f1 NO THEY CANNOT!

    Not that I can watch it on SKY but Running Down A Dream by Tom Petty would make a brilliant theme tune to any racing series.

    YouTube it and experience the majesty.


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    If I had a sky subscription and they used MCR (new stuff at least) or Coldplay I’d refuse to watch on principle.

    It should be something rock though I think, fast paced and somewhat heavy.

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