What to read into Marko’s comments on Webber

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    Helmut Marko’s recent, should we say, latest criticisms aka “struggle sessions” of Mark Webber has drawn a lot of publicity.

    Lots of people have argued that the comments are warranted, “the booty” as Marko says, was plucked from under Webber’s feet, but the fact is that he has helped Red Bull to three consecutive constructors’ titles.

    If Mark found himself in a position competing for the title alongside Vettel, it is certain that Marko and company would pull him into line to play the dull subordinate to the future (see their reluctance to back Mark, albeit correctly – in 2010), thus Webber is a man scorned either way.

    Some have contested that Marko’s comments are a mere salvo fired in the direction of Ferrari and McLaren as a destabilisation tool, but there’s only so much criticism that one driver can take from somebody within their own organisation

    If anything, the remarks are directed at Webber with the intention of firing him up for Australia and beyond, otherwise it seems that Marko took Webber holding his position at Interlagos a little too personally…

    Can anybody else justify what seems like the eighth outburst in the direction of Webber by Marko, if he keeps it up, he could soon complete a PhD titled “Mark Webber: Beaten by Helmut.”

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    Vettel’s focus gives him edge over Alonso, says Marko

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