What will Vettel have to do to gain any recognition

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    geez…. I didn´t even start the debate…. it seems I got under your skin huh @raymondu999 …. nobody has been insulted or anything like that but you´re quite quick on calling out MODS….. seemed like others where having fun at how mnmracer was handling me and now you ask for a lock…. why not ask for my bann while you´re at it?? If it gets too hot in the kitchen… stay out…



    @catracho504 I’m not saying anyone has insulted anyone, nor have I said that anyone has been insulted.

    It’s just saddening to see such destructive argument being carried out among people who claim to be fans of the sport.

    It’s not just for you – it’s for all those involved in the argument. For you to like/support Driver A, you don’t have to hate on/dislike any driver involved in a competition (on track or in the standings) with your favorite.

    Some will prefer Alonso, some will prefer Hamiton, some will prefer Vettel, etc. Inevitably there are others who prefer any of the other 23 drivers. That’s life. Get on with it.




    I undertsand it perfectly…. and if you read the other Vettel thread you would have read that I consider SV to be good… I gave him that much… I just don´t consider him great because of the way he´s achieved it, period, which you said earlier you did not dispute.
    I just find it annoying that people seemed to be having fun at my expense since mnmracer was doing such a good job and then you start calling out the mods… maybe my fault was being passionate about this arguement that could go on forever and maybe you and some others should be prepared to take criticsm when you try and belittle someone else… have a good day sir…


    Keith Collantine

    This thread has generated into silly bickering and personal attacks. I’ve deleted several comments and am closing the thread.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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