Where does the WO5 rank in dominant F1 cars?

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    Theo Parkinson


    Last weekends Bahrain GP was the first time we truly saw this years Mercedes in anger and the result was terrifying. I’ve never seen a car as dominant as that, only heard of them, so I was wondering where the WO5 ranks in domination over the field. Possibly a list of most dominant F1 cars?


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    David Not Coulthard


    For now, somewhere a little bit above the BT46B.

    I’ll wait until further in the season before that changes, if it stays dominant I’ll compare it with something else :p


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    Aled Davies


    What car was the BT46B?

    Suppose looking back it’s different because of the Refueling but the last time i remember a car as clearly quicker as this was the Mclaren in 98. They completely wiped the floor with the opposition for the first 2 grand Prix that season.

    Then their controversial brake steer technology was banned and Ferrari closed the gap.


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    David Not Coulthard


    It (which was a Brabham) contested 1 race, won, and was withdrawn.

    The W05 has only got 3 races to its name. I’m just saying that, until it dominates a season, I’m not comparing it to anything notable (OK, apart from that thing with a fan on its back – which was pretty notable for it).

    Oh, and it raced for Bernie’s (yes, that Bernie) team.


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    Most dominant car since the F2004. The WO5 is very good, better than the Red Bull’s from the last few years, and the Brawn of 2009, but it’s not better than some of the early 2000 Ferrari’s.

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