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    Ha, Canada #4, just wait unti Jacques Villeneuve Jr. is in Formula 1! Then you’ll see the numbers skyrocket! :p


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    Honduras here!


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    Denmark 30th. Considering we don’t have any drivers, teams or a track in F1 (and not so many people), I think that’s OK :D


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    Norway here =)


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    Melbourne, Australia!
    Happy New Year Guys!


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    Another UK person here, West London to be exact!

    It’s been great being a part of F1 Fanatic in 2014, and look forward to more turbocharged chat in 2015!


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    Fantastic to see Australia so high! We like our F1, just time for proper coverage .


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    One more from the UK here! West London to be more precise.

    Where are you from @keithcollatine?

    I guess with this site being so international, having an F1F convention is out of the question? Preferably in the Kew/Richmond area so I get to it after work (no, that’s not me being selfish!)

    Also great this site has no trolling, provoking or abusive comments – that’s why I left the BBC discussion threads and Planet F1 – so well done Keith!


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    David Not Coulthard


    Indonesian here. There was an Indonesian circuit built in the ’90s that tried to host F1 (with a layout more boring than most, if not all, Tilkedromes). The standards were either raised above the one the circuit complies with or the plan was stopped by the late ’90s crisis we had, or the circuit didn’t meet the original plan, or the original plan turned out to never have complied with F1 standards to begin with(I don’t know since I wasn’t born then).


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    Keith Collantine


    @junior-pilot Fair question! I’m from the UK, I was born in Salford but live down south now.


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    I was born in the USA, I grew up in Ireland and I now live in France.


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    Iestyn Davies


    I guess that’s why you sound quite neutral then, @keithcollantine. I’m in a similar position myself, being near Liverpool, where North/South accents collide. It’s funny when people in the same family even have different accents.

    A shame to see the loss of Polish readers after the injuries Kubica sustained, and a big shame for F1 to lose him too.


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    Sri Harsha


    Indian Here


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    Marco Freire


    American here, from Los Angeles.


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    Netherlands! Hence the orange :)

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 113 total)

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