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Where will Ricciardo place this weekend ??

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    My guess, 14th….just an opinion. Go you Aussie !!

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    20th. I reckon he’ll beat Liuzzi, and possibly the two Virgins. Also, some drivers may not finish the race due to mechanical problems. We’ve seen from races this year that everybody is reliable, so there probably wont be many. Silverstone is also a track where crashes are not particularly common.

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    I think he should be able to beat Liuzzi, so I guess he finishes 2nd last.

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    Last. He won’t beat an experienced driver Liuzzi I don’t think. Hopefully he qualifies.

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    I doubt he will be able to beat Liuzzi. Both in qualifying and in the race. I will be glad to be proven wrong, but i can’t see him being that good, compared to a driver who have been in that very car for eight races so far, and has far more F1 experience. I don’t doubt he easily could become better then Karthakeyen, but i don’t expect miracles. Despite the hype.

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    I think we found a guy that smiles more than Vettel. This Ricciardo is contagious with his smile.

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    My guess is he will crash out on a damp patch when being lapped, or something like that.

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    Daniel Ricciardo, qualified last, ended the race 19th and last of the classified, three laps down and one lap behind Liuzzi.

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    not great then…..


    i think for someone whos first go in that car was friday morning, and that was his second appearance in an F1 car ever, so respect to him for mostly keeping it on the track, staying out of trouble, and getting use to driving whilst staring at his wing mirrors!

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    Tom L.

    A guy being drafted in mid-season with minimal testing, trailing round at the back and finishing a lap behind his team-mate? Reminds me of a certain Luca Badoer :D

    (Before anyone starts bashing, this isn’t meant to be a serious comparison, I’m fully aware the circumstances are different!)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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