Where would you like a Grand Prix?

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    I’d love to see Zandvoort used again, in Holland, and also Argentina was good…remember Pedro Diniz going up in flames the last time they held a race there!

    Other countries:

    Mexico ( I’ve read rumours that Jean Todt’s been raising the idea )

    Portugal ( Estoril – great circuit – venue of Senna’s 1st win )


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    I would take this thread seriously, but I fear you only created it to advertise your website.

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    Zurich would be nice

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    I’d like to go back to Monthery

    a bit unlikely though

    AVUS strikes fear into many a driver so that or some place just like it would be great too.

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    sbl on tour

    porto corsa, italy

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    Zandvoort in the Netherlands for sure, and I hope the Fuji gets its place on the calender again.

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    sbl on tour

    todford, zandvoort, excellent, but why did you have to use the term “for sure”

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    Bradley Downton

    Holland, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Finnish, Majorca, South Africa and New York :D

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    Somewhere in Africa, perhaps South Africa or Egypt. Then all the continents would be catered for.

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    NYC…. or in the Scottish Mountains!!! brrrrr

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    I’d love to see a race on Tokyo’s highways at midnight, though that will never happen. I think Formula One should try to get a race in the Caribbean, I think the atmosphere would be electric.

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    sir – it would definately be electric but I don’t know if 100,000 fans on a small island would be sensible… imagine what would happen if they ran out of booze!!!

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    Ned Flanders

    For some reason, when I saw this thread my first thought was to find obscure countries! I’m a long time supporter F1 Rejects’ push to bring about a Vanuatu Grand Prix.

    So, I’m going to hijack this thread a bit by outlining something I thought of a while ago- an F1 calendar made up of neighbours to countries on the current calendar.

    New Zealand GP (Australia)

    Brunei GP (Malaysia)

    Mongolian GP (China)

    Greek GP (Turkey)

    Andorran GP (Spain)

    French GP (Monaco)

    Greenland GP (Canada)

    Gibraltar GP (Valencia)

    Welsh GP (Great Britain)

    Polish GP (Germany)

    Slovakian GP (Hungary)

    Dutch GP (Belgium)

    Vatican GP (Italy)

    Indonesian GP (Singapore)

    Russian GP (in Vladivostok) (Japan)

    North Korean GP (South Korea)

    Pakistani GP (India)

    Saudi Arabian GP (Abu Dhabi)

    Paraguayan GP (Brazil)

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    I would like to see an F1 car tackle Sachsenring. Particularly that hill just before the penultimate corner.

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    San Luis that amazing lakeside track they use for GT races. Don’t know if it’s F1 standard though.

    Portimo – same applies there.

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