Which driver would you like to see win which race in the remaining 3 races?

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    Younger Hamii


    Hey Guys,I was wondering since both Drivers & Constructors titles are wrapped up in the hands of the Dominant Red Bull,The teams are able to race more freely.So i was curious to know your opinions on who you want to see winning which race.



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    As an Alonso fan, I’d obviously prefer to see him win all three races, but that’s a long shot. It would be nice to see Hamilton and Massa win again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vettel won all three races.


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    A certain Spaniard that I have a slight liking for.

    And sorry @tommyb89 , I don’t mean Jaime Alguersuari.

    Or Pedro de la Rosa.


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    I hope Webber gets a win. He’s had an awful season because he took so long to get used to the Pirellis and the starts are killing him. It’d be nice to end the season on a high and I think Vettel might help him get 2nd in the championship.

    Hopefully Hamilton gets one as well to ‘bounce back’, and Alonso as well, as he’s doing a phenomenal job. It’s a real shame he has a car that can’t challenge for the title for the 3rd time in 4 years, as he’s the best in F1 in my opinion.

    So, Hamilton in India, Alonso in Abu Dhabi and Webber in Interlagos.


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    Ideally, I’d want someone outside of the same 5 to get a win. Or even a podium.

    The last 39 races have been won by the same 5 drivers, with the last 14 races only having 5 visitors to the podium.

    We need a surprise on the podium!


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    Interlagos – Hamilton
    Abu Dhabi – Vettel
    Buddh – Button


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    @david-a Petrov and Heidfeld were surprising enough, don’t you think? Though it’s a bit of a shame Rosberg hasn’t managed it this year after doing it thrice last year.


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    Hamilton, Hamilton, Senna

    I’d normally want one for Button, but I want to see Hamilton having a proper bounce back to prove doubters wrong. If Senna is too ridiculous (wet home race) then I want to see Rosberg get his first win.


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    @enigma, they were surprising, but were tucked away in the first 2 races of the season, 14 races ago.


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    India – Rosberg
    Abu Dhabi – Schumacher
    Brazil – Senna

    I know that’s never going to happen, but one can dream, can’t I? Formula One is becoming far too repetitive. As David A stated, The last 39 races have been won by the same 5 drivers, with the last 14 races only having 5 visitors to the podium. It’s always the same 5 drivers up at front. Man, back in 1982-1985, that’s what I call real competition.

    Hamilton or Button is alright, I wouldn’t mind Alonso winning (I can’t believe I said this). Webber, meh.

    But Vettel is extremely boring. Watching him up at front in his Red Bull is lamer than watching paint dry.


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    Not very realistic but I guess there are no limitations on this thread.

    Abu Dhabi-Adrian Sutil


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    I want to see Hamilton win in India, Schumacher taking Brazil in a wet race and Vettel taking Abu Dhabi.


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    Hamilton, Alonso and Webber.
    Button has had a good run considering the dominance of Vettel.
    Hamilton needs that fire back, and mind to be clear, which no doubt will be helped with a win and couple of podiums in the remaining races.
    Alonso needs a glimmer of hope that the Ferrari will be more competitive next year with any updates they try now.
    And Webber needs to get the feeling back he had last year so that he can keep Vettel a bit more honest.
    I really do hope that next year we see a much bigger group of winners, and the battles are very close. Come on Mercedes and Renault, get up there! :)


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    Which set of drivers will you like to be on the podium for the remaining races?


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    I like this thread, nice idea @younger-hamii!

    My choice:

    India – Heikki Kovalainen
    Abu Dhabi – Heikki Kovalainen
    Brazil – Heikki Kovalainen

    My choice for those who ain’t Kovalainen fans:

    India – Felipe Massa
    Abu Dhabi – Paul di Resta
    Brazil – Daniel Ricciardo

    Realistically looking, I think it would be good to see someone else other than Red Bull winning the remaining races. A close fight between McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull would be a promising prologue to the 2012 season.

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