Which driver would you like to see win which race in the remaining 3 races?

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    1: India – Schumacher
    For some reason, it would be great if it was here Schumacher got a win, the newest track won by the most successful driver ever. Out of the more realistic choices though, Alonso is due a win and a win for him would be similar for Schumacher.

    2: Abu Dhabi – Hamilton
    Denied by brake failure and then possibly by Kubica last year, would be a huge lift for him if he cracked it.

    3: Brazil – Webber
    One win from a season where his team-mate dominated would be great, at somewhere where he’s won before but is often forgotten because Button won his championship on that same day. But anyone but Massa really.



    I Hope Webber wins as im amazed he hasnt already, would also like to see Massa win because that would give him a huge boost for next year. Also Rosberg aswell as i think he deserves his maiden win.



    Schumacher, because i reserve my right tooo support guys I used to hate, would be nice to see him win again, ONCE.

    Hamilton, two wins, get some momentum for next year.


    Ned Flanders

    Jerome d’Ambrosio. Because he has a great name



    India: Schumacher
    Abu Dhabi: Webber
    Interlagos: Massa


    Colossal Squid

    India – Schumacher. Just cause it’s new, he’s been around for 20 years and there’s a weird symmetry there I like. Plus IMO he deserves at least a win since coming back.

    Abu Dhabi – Webber. He’s had a tough season, it seems unfair for him to not reach the top step at least once when seb has done it 10 times (deservedly so).

    Brazil – Massa. Think of the story – the scene of his last win, his most heartbreaking moment and in 2011 the scene of his redemption and return to form.



    India/AD- Hamilton (needs his morale back (as long as his head doesn’t swell)) and Alonso, I don’t care which race as long as the driver split is the same. Brazil, either Massa or MSC (I look at the youtube videos of MSC’s passing in 2006 too often).



    India – Schumacher: Unlikely as his car is so bad, but the new circuit provides a variable and I’ve been waiting for him to get on the podium for a long time.
    Abby Dabby – Hamilton: To see if he can crack a smile.
    Brazil – Massa: Obvious reasons.



    Hamilton, Schumacher or Alguersuari… what?



    Vettel taking Abu Dhabi.

    No, just no. You must be a huge Seb fanatic, aren’t you?

    “Vettel wins in Abu Dhabi” – most boring drivers wins on the most boring tracks.

    That sounds incredibly boring, I’d rather an HRT fighting a Virgin for 23rd than watching Vettel driving in the lead in his Red Bull. 8|



    @kingshark – That’s your opinion. I’ll stick to mine. ;) Why so bitter about someone wishing Seb well?



    Schumacher at India
    Fernando (or unrealistically Bruno Senna or Paul di Resta) at Abu Dhabi and
    Felipe Massa at Brazil.



    Vettel must be near the record number of wins in a season now? I think he deserves that, as he’s demolished some tough competition this year, without all the favours Schumacher had at Ferrari.
    On which note, I’d like to see Mark Webber bag a win, but only if it’s a proper victory, not a patronising one handed to him by the team or Vettel.

    Otherwise, if Hamilton’s getting back to his best – and there were signs of it in Korea – it’d be good for him to end the season on a high.

    Massa? Would be a nice story, he used to be mighty round Interlagos but the competition’s tougher these days. Surely he can do better than 6th there though.



    @bullfrog – Vettel has 10 wins so far this year. That’s 3rd highest in the all-time wins in a season list. Schumacher had 11 in 2002 and 13 in 2004.



    13?! Wow, didn’t realise it was that many. That’s out of reach for Vettel then. 2004 must have been the most boring season ever…Thanks, @raymondu999!

    A win next week dedicated to Dan Wheldon would be a nice touch, ideally it would be Jenson Button who knew and raced with Dan, or maybe Webber.

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