Which engine will score the most points in 2013?

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    Here we go again, time for my favourite question of the new year!

    I’ve asked this same question ahead of the 2010-2012 seasons as someone with an interest in manufacturer involvement in F1: Which engine will score the most points this year?

    Here are the contenders:

    Renault – Red Bull, Lotus, Williams, Caterham
    Mercedes – McLaren, Mercedes, Force India
    Ferrari – Ferrari, Sauber, Toro Rosso
    Cosworth – Marussia

    There are no changes compared to 2012 (although HRT have dropped out of the Cosworth stable).

    In 2012, Renault came top for the first time since I ran this poll (although most people predicted Mercedes at the start of the year).

    Renault – 839 points
    Mercedes – 629 points
    Ferrari – 552 points
    Cosworth – 0 points


    In 2011 Renault were ahead for most of the year, but finally the most-popular pick Mercedes eventually won by just 8 more points.

    Mercedes – 731 points
    Renault – 723 points
    Ferrari – 460 points
    Cosworth – 5 points


    In 2010 almost everyone correctly predicted Mercedes would come out on top.

    Mercedes – 736 points
    Renault – 661 points
    Ferrari – 453 points
    Cosworth – 69 points

    (no link available)

    What do you think will happen this year?

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    It’ll be even closer, with all three on six hundred and something points – and I think Renault just ahead.

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    I’d going to say Cosworth just for the sake of it. :)
    But in all seriousness I agree with Bullfrog it should be very close, Mercedes might be a bit more competitive but Renault might edge ahead like last year.

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    Top 3 very close though

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    I’m going to stick my neck out and predict for Ferrari to beat Mercedes.

    – Ferrari will beat Mclaren, just like last year, but since Mclaren don’t have Lewis this season, I can even see that margin increase.
    – Mercedes will outscore Sauber but not by a great deal.
    – Toro Rosso will improve, now they have James Key onboard and more experienced drivers. I think it’ll be nip and tuck between them and Force India.

    So all in all, this will be the final order:

    1.) Renault
    2.) Ferrari
    3.) Mercedes
    4.) Cosworth

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    1. Renault
    2. Mercedes
    3. Ferrari
    4. Cosworth

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    I’d put Ferrari on top of Renault, for now.

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    Mercedes team, Lotus and Williams will decide the outcome. If they all fail then Ferrari has a chance. But Renault it is.

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    Nicholas Sunderland

    @alfie Really? Because, in all likelyhood…

    Red Bull will beat Ferrari.
    Lotus will beat Sauber.
    Williams will beat Toro Rosso.

    So my list is like this…

    1. Renault
    2. Ferrari
    3. Mercedes
    4. Cosworth

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    Ryan Williams


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