Who did you support in the recent title battles?

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    2007 – Raikkonen

    2008 – Hamilton

    2009 – Vettel

    2010 – Vettel



    2006 – Schumacher (his last year so i wanted him to go out on top)

    2007 – Hamilton

    2008 – Hamilton

    2009 – Brawn GP (Mainly button but brawn cos they were a new team and it was like a fairy tale)

    2010 – Mclaren (2 english drivers in and english team, cant beat it, but then anyone except red bull)

    2011 – Hamilton/Button



    2005 – Schumacher

    2006 – Schumacher

    2007 – Raikkonen

    2008 – Raikkonen

    2009 – Button

    2010 – Alonso / Button

    2011 – Alonso / Schumacher (if Merc becomes any better)



    1996 – They started to broadcast races for the first time ever in our area at the middle of the season, when it was already obvious that the title is an internal team Williams battle. Though for some reason i instantly became a Ferrari supporter (it’s gotta be that Ferrari magic many are talking about!) i cheered for Villeneuve till that wheel fell off…

    1997 – Schumacher (My brother supported Jacques, though. Oh boy what a memories of watching that last race together!)

    1998 – Schumacher (Oh dear, how good he was at some races! I’ll Never forget the way he drove Brawn’s strategy gamble to the win at Hungary – a pure racing masterpiece)

    1999 – Schumacher, the wins in Imola and Monaco were brilliant, though he took some beating from McLarens later on as well. I still believe he would got it easily, considering Mika’s performances after Silverstone, but you never know. After the crash i supported Irvine, but when Michael came back at Sepand i realised how not worthy of that title Eddie was…so second championship for Mika was sort of doing justice in my book and i was glad that he won Suzuka fair and square beating Michael. I almost felt like better times were near and boy i was right!

    2000 – 2004 – Schumacher! I was a happy man during those years, yes sir)

    2005 – Raikkonen. He was so good, i felt it was really unfair that he hadn’t got WDC that year.

    2006 – Schumacher, who else? :) Alonso completely matched him in every aspect though, i must admit.

    2007 – Raikkonen! Justice was done in many ways…fortune paid Kimi back for 2005 and McLaren winning that title would be wrong in my view, for several reasons.

    2008 – Massa. I’m afraid it was his only chance…but Lewis was better and got some of that “champion’s luck” which Felipe didn’t had.

    2009 – Jenson Button from day one. Though i really liked the way Rubens fought back i never saw him as a true contender for some reason.

    2010 – I must admit my dislike for Alonso initially was far greater than love to Ferrari, so i supported Jenson and Mark as they were underdogs in their inter team battles. But that string of performances he put on since Spa were extremely impressive. So impressive that i finally felt myself happy yesterday when he won the race. So i’m supporting Alonso now…i guess that makes me typical tifosi :)

    2011 – Schumacher, oh yes :)



    2000-2004 – Schumacher

    2005 – Alonso, but it was a lesser of two evils thing. Little did I know…

    2006 – Schumacher

    2007 – I was a bit torn here, to be honest. Hamilton, just ahead of Raikkonen.

    2008 – Massa

    2009 – Button, but only just ahead of Barrichello.

    2010 – Webber

    2011 – Schumacher! (I can dream, no?) :D


    Bradley Downton

    2005 – Alonso

    2006 – Alonso

    2007 – Hamilton/Alonso(until he went off on one was Hamilton beat him)

    2008 – Hamilton

    2009 – Vettel/Button

    2010 – My heart says Hamilton, coz it’d be great for him to win again but i just dont think the car is gunna be quick enough this year, so Vettel or Alonso. Godd for vettel as it would be first title, good for Alonso because i want to see his WC celebrations again.

    2011 – Kubica/Vettel/Hamilton/Alonso/Schumacher/Kovalainen(what a story that would be :D!)/Kobayashi/Alguersuari/Senna (any of these and i’d be happy [obviously a brit would be the best though] but we’ll have to wait and see who goes where and what the cars are like)


    Dan Thorn

    Great thread!

    1997 – Panis, Villeneuve

    1998 – Hakkinen

    1999 – Frentzen

    2000 – Hakkinen

    2001 – Coulthard

    2002 – Montoya

    2003 – Alonso

    2004 – Alonso

    2005 – Alonso

    2006 – Alonso

    2007 – Alonso (until Hungary when I got annoyed with the whole McLaren team and started supporting Kimi)

    2008 – Massa

    2009 – Barrichello, if only because it was seemingly his last chance but I like JB too.

    2010 – Alonso

    I wish my formative years of watching F1 weren’t so consumed by a hatred of Michael Schumacher, I missed out on enjoying so much of his brilliance.

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