who DIDN'T have an incident in Canada?

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    as far as I remember, I think most drivers were involved in an incident/ collision/ penalty inducing situation during the Canadian GP (with few exceptions). it must be a record! (or maybe i’m just clutching at straws here…)

    BUT- collisions with HAM and ALO. Speeding during SC period

    VET- cut across grass early on, half-spin off track on final lap

    WEB- collision with HAM

    MSC- nothing unusual!

    PET- nothing unusual!

    MAS- hit wall whilst overtaking KAR

    KOB- collisions with HEI and ROS, went onto grass at T1

    ALG- nothing unusual!

    BAR- nothing unusual!

    BUE- nothing unusual!

    ROS- collisions with SUT, MAL and KOB

    DLR- collision with BUT (needed new wing)

    LIU- nothing unusual! (or did he spin?)

    DAM- fitted inters behind SC to get a drive-thru penalty

    GLO- ‘destroyed’ tyres with huge lockup

    TRU- nothing unusual!

    KAR- cut chicane towards end, got a penalty for it

    DiR- collision with HEI, hit wall near end

    MAL- collision with ROS, also spun out near end

    HEI- collisions with DiR and KOB

    SUT- collision with ROS, overtook under yellows/SC, hit wall near end

    ALO- collision with BUT

    KOV- mechanical failure

    HAM- collisions with WEB and BUT



    MSC – had that incident with HAM down at the hairpin that pushed HAM wide but nothing major

    LIU – Had an off in qualifying that they say cost him about 0.4 seconds on what would have been his best lap


    Nic Morley

    I think I can remember ALG going off simliar to Vettel.



    BAR – had an incident with MAL after the safety car, one passed the other before the line and had to give the place back

    TRU – had something broken in his cockpit

    PET – had throttle and radio problems in practice

    SCH – had a transmission problem on his fastest quali lap

    Yeah pretty eventful!


    Raunaq Kumaran

    Sutil – Made a mistake in the hairpin during his fast final lap in qualifying



    i’m only takling about during the race though.



    welcome to the wonderfull world of wet weather GP. you should see a few years ago when they didn’t red-flagged races because of water!

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