Which past drivers do the current drivers remind you of?

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    @Jack22 What point are you saying with Monaco 2010 and Spain 2011? Those were great races, but what exactly was Mansell/Prost-like about those?



    @raymondu999, in non of them was the prost element present in my opinion… but the Mansell was present in both at certain points of the race…. Monaco, well, seeing FA fight from the back was epic…. All the passes he did coming out of the tunnel and under braking was just brilliant work… 2 of them were going throught the inside and the las one, he went the long way around!! Excellent!!!
    Spain… well…. The start is just EPIC!!! Even JB and SV were commenting about it at the podium…. and he did what he could until he went for the hard tyres… after that, it was just a disaster…

    The prost in Alonso would be performances like in Brazil 2006, didn´t win the race yet he secured the championship… or abu dhabi 2010…. he ran a good race but Ferrari messed up…. So yeah… he is a very calculating driver, risks when he has to and doesn´t when he doesn´t have to. Overall he´s VERY complete and always squeezes out every bit of performance out of his car and himself!



    Lewis will always get Senna comparisons, a McLaren driver, handy in the wet with a yellow helmet, as pretty good round street circuits and never far from controversy



    @georgedaviesf1 to be fair; most people in this thread are comparing Lewis with Gilles or Mansell; not really with Senna. The only thing that keeps harking back to Senna is really that Lewis is a big Senna fanboy.



    @raymondu999 Thanks for making that clear… it kinda bugged me. I mean Hamilton is good and all and that is why I compared him to Gilles because Gilles was brilliant but sometimes proved to have a very hot head! I think we have yet to see another Senna and Frankly y doubt we will ever see one!

    In order to compare any of the current drivers to him…. F1 would have to lose DRS, KERS, etc., in order to really be able to compare someone´s talent to his. And even then, there is so much aerodynamical downforce now, that it still wouldn´t be comparable to what he achieved… all in all, I think Senna´s rank as THE BEST is very secured!



    I’d compare Petrov with Juan Pablo Montoya, as both of them have had many incidents with Michael Schumacher, though Montoya is a hell of a lot quicker (and fatter) than Petrov



    Here’s mine:

    1. Sebastian Vettel: Michael Schumacher – Yes, I know he’s still active, but the similarities are uncanny. Success at a young age, backing from an F1 team owned by a non-automaker company (Benetton then, Red Bull now), and LOTS of speed.
    2. Mark Webber: Riccardo Patrese – Raymondu was spot on here. Both have good pace in good cars, but have encountered too much misfortune to make full use of it. When the fortune did go their way, it was against teammates that were very difficult to beat.
    3. Jenson Button: Denny Hulme – This one is interesting for me. Both for me are underrated because they’ve only taken one title apiece, but many forget that both beat their much more illustrious (and famous) teammates. Button beat Hamilton last year, Hulme beat none other than Sir Jack Brabham to the 1967 title.
    4. Lewis Hamilton: Nigel Mansell – They’re currently alike in terms of aggressiveness (and success rate). Unlike Nigel, though, Lewis won his first title young, and has lots of time to win more.
    5. Fernando Alonso: Alain Prost – This one’s a slam dunk for me. Alonso isn’t the type who’ll go out and try to win every race. But in every year where Alonso won the title (or came close), it was because of his stunning consistency and racecraft. Think about it – they won’t always win, but they will always bring the car as high as anyone can. So while their rivals kept dropping points due to unreliability or driver error, they were always there to pick up the spoils.
    6. Felipe Massa: Carlos Reutemann – Both are South Americans who had a rough start to their careers, but fought back to contend for a title. Both also came THIS close to winning a title, but were never the same after falling short.
    7. Michael Schumacher: Niki Lauda – Admittedly, this one is a bit of a stretch, but it’s the closest comparison I can make. Michael didn’t exactly get burned like Niki, but you can make a decent case for this. Both saw the most success at Ferrari (in fact, I think these two drivers gave Ferrari most of the success they saw in F1), and both made comebacks after their first retirement. Michael’s comeback isn’t quite on the same level as Lauda’s (yet), but who knows what Year 3 will deliver. That said, Michael’s comeback is already more successful stats-wise than the comebacks of Villenueve, Mansell (Australia 94 notwithstanding), and Jones – World Champions all.
    8. Nico Rosberg: Jochen Mass – Both are Germans with good speed behind them, but when they got their chance at a front-running team, neither have really shown anything that would mark them out as future Champions. Nico might still be able to avoid Mass’ fate of just 1 GP win if he gets a better car, but he needs to do better with what he has now to get that chance.

    Will give more later. :)



    Vettel. Charlie Chaplin

    Webber. Dustin Hoffman

    Hamilton. Eddie Murphy

    Button. Richard Gere

    Raikkonen. Daniel Craig

    Alonso. Antonio Banderas

    Massa. Robin Williams

    Rosberg. Donatella Versace

    Schumacher. Arnold Swatzanegger

    Barrichello. Sylvester Stallone

    Maldonado. Al Pacino Scarface

    Sutil. Young John Travolta

    di Resta. Young Sean Connery

    Kobayashi. Jacky Chan

    Perez. Orlando Bloom

    Buemi. Lyle Lovett

    Alguersuari. Fatboy slim

    Trulli. Mel Gibson

    Kovalainen. Rhys Ifans

    Ricciardo. Elijah Wood

    Liuzzi. Danny Devito

    Alex Yoong – Sandra Oh



    @australian “Rosberg. Donatella Versace” <




    I was going to say Madonna . . .



    @australian Umm… The thread’s about comparing the current grid against past F1 drivers, not just anyone



    @australian OMG!! I can´t stop laughing! jajajjajaja



    So sorry,

    raymondu999 said 11 hours, 8 minutes ago:

    @australian Umm… The thread’s about comparing the current grid against past F1 drivers, not just anyone



    @raymondu999 – No it isn’t, it is about who the current crop of drivers remind you of, it says so clearly in the title, nothing about drivers from the past.

    My answer…..after watching Monza last year……Ladies all of em….Schumacher aside!



    @asanator I distinctly remember that I opened it to compare past drivers to current ones. There changed it to make it clearer. (I am the opening poster in case you didn’t realize :P)

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