Which past drivers do the current drivers remind you of?

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    Vettel – Michael Schumacher. I know that schumi is still racing but he really does resemble Schumacher in almost every way on track.

    Webber – Thierry Bousten. Not a spectacular driver, but under the right circumstances and with the right car, he could challenge for a win and podiums.

    Button – Nelson Piquet Sr. On a good day, he’s unstoppable, but sometimes his performances are a little underwhelming.

    Hamilton – Ayrton Senna…. Kind of. I know I’ll get crap for saying this but he does drive like him. Personality wise, he’s the opposite of Senna, but on the track, he is as, if not more aggressive than Senna was.

    Alonso – Alain Prost. Drives smart, pulls great passes and gets the job done. Every time he comes out to drive he gets 100% out of the car, and thats obvious every weekend.

    Massa – Riccardo Patrese.

    More to follow, bell just rung for class….



    @polishboy808 Well… I´m going to criticize a bit here on you choosing Senna for Hamilton…. The thing is that SENNA although he was a VERY aggresive driver, he was very calculating also. Not to the extent Prost was but he was more calculating than Hamilton. Hamilton is VERY aggresive but he sometimes, how should I say…… ummm sometimes he just DOESN´T think… You might call it aggresive, which it is… BUT there is calculated aggresion and then there´s just “dumb” aggresion.. Which is why he is more Villeneuveish so to speak…. Villeneuve was aggresive as hell but sometimes he was too Optimistic in some of the moves he pulled… kind of what Hamilton does…. But hey, it´s your opinion and are totally entitled to it but IMHO Hamilton is more Villeneuve than Senna..



    Schumacher = Fangio

    Utterly dominant for about half a decade, and so much of F1’s history can be measured relative to them. Two of the few drivers who can genuinely, seriously be considered “the greatest driver of all time”.



    Vettel reminds me of:
    Senna in the way he’s able to put in a devastatingly qualifying lap when it matters most.
    Prost in the way he’s able to make good use of his tires.
    of course Prost – both calculating and have smooth, precise driving styles
    Senna – maybe because he makes so many comparisons himself but he has the same ruthlessness and is not afraid to bully the other drivers a bit.
    Also great at qualifying.
    There were times last year and the year before where I thought Hamilton definitely had the slower car than Vettel yet was really able to push him in qualifying.
    Prost for much the same reason as Button.



    Any more takers then?



    Felipe Bomeny

    Pastor Maldonado reminds me of Vittorio Brambillia. Brambillia was rather quick but was very crash-prone, just like Maldonado, who’s proven he can fight with the big guys (Monaco 2011, Australia 2012) but hits the barriers far too often.



    Alonso has some similarities to Gilles Villenueve as well.. very good realtionship with ferrari and bosses. and both extracted more than the car is capable.

    i remember a small bio on villenueve with other driver saying “i know theres rules on physics and what the cars can do, but gilles makes you wonder…”



    Maldonado now reminds me of Montoya. A LOT. Mind you I still think Montoya is more talented and has more speed though.



    May I redo my previous one?

    Vettel = Senna
    Awesome at last-minute banzai qualifying laps. Good in the rain and a good driver overall.

    Hamilton = Mansell
    Amazing wheel on wheel racer and fearless. Also a good qualifier and good in the rain. Only a bit too much complaining when things don’t go his way.

    Alonso = Prost
    He is fast, calculating and a very complete driver. Not a particularly good qualifier though.

    Button = Piquet
    Piquet might not have been the fastest, but he was smart, calculating and a master at setting up his car.

    Rosberg = Hakkinen
    Long time without a win, now he has one after about 6 seasons (same as Mika) looks like he’s finally found his way. He’s a superb qualifier, but not a great racer.

    Maldonado = Montoya
    I agree with Raymundo here. Maldonado is fast and aggressive, but inconsistent. They are also both South-Americans and achieved their early success at Williams.

    Kovelainen = Fisichella
    Able to out-perform bad cars, but is poor in good cars.

    More to come for sure.



    @kingshark you hit the nail – Right. On. The. Head. I agree 100% with your choices – though I think Kova may have found a new way with driving. I think he’s a much better driver now than his McLaren days. I think if he went back to McLaren now he’d be a lot closer to Lewis than he was back then, at the very least. Capable of beating Lewis on occasion. And don’t forget Montoya and Maldonado seem to both be very temperamental.

    I wonder if @keithcollantine has any in particular?



    I think there is a possibility of an Alonso-Ferrari era in the near future where Alonso dominates with Ferrari and wins at least another 3 titles.

    I don’t think so. The era of Ross Brawn/Jean Todt/Rory Byrne is long over. Ferrari is now stuck with Stefan Domenicali, Pat Fry, and Aldo Costa. Still a good team, but they certainly wont dominate again, anytime soon.



    @kingshark @duncanmonza let’s leave predictions to a different thread, and leave this one to driver comparisons to past eras. I’ll create it. Mods – if you would be so kind as to move the posts? @damonsmedley @estesark



    Wait, wasn’t there an old prediction thread?
    Yes, mods, could you please move my previous post to that thread?



    @raymondu999 I don’t believe posts can me moved. Removed — yes, but not shifted elsewhere. I’m sure they can be reposted!

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