Who do you think will replace Pérez at Sauber?

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    Gabriel Fernando



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    Alguersuari, Kovalainen or Pic.


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    I really hope it’s Jaime Alguersuari.
    He was unfairly sack last season and claims to have a seat for next year. FI drivers look like they’re going nowhere, Williams will go probably for Bottas and I very much doubt Ferrari or Lotus will take him.


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    For me either Alguersuari, Kovalainen or Glock would be good drivers to have at Sauber. If they need a pay driver due to the likely loss of Telmex money they may have to take someone like Petrov or Gutierrez.


    it should be Buemi. I really think they deserved a good chance this year but Marko Rosso sacked them. Sauber can give him (or why not Alguersuari or however his name is) a good chance to shine again, even make podiums (Sauber is fully capable to do so)


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    The rumor of Alguersuari going to Sauber came out simultaneously with Hamilton to Mercedes and Perez to McLaren, so I’m pretty sure he gets that seat. The question is: will Kobayashi stay? I don’t see why not, but if they can get Kovalainen, or maybe even Schumacher, would they really prefer him over them?


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    Robin Frijns.


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    Alguersuari – Hes young, which Sauber tends to go for. He’s got a good technical side to him and he was good at STR. Alguersuari said recently he was going to say where he was going to drive next year, suggesting he has a seat. If the announcement was left waiting till today happened, I think we’re going to know really soon.


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    Alguersuari and Gutierrez.


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    Tommo N7


    Jaime Alguersuari is a good call. he did announce on his twitter a few weeks back that he has a seat for next season, but we still don’t know where. If not Alguersuari, then Esteban Gutierrez. Or perhaps Kovalainen, I don’t like seeing his potential wasted away at Caterham.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    I’d love to see a promising rookie in the seat, like Robin Frijns, or maybe Felix Serralles. But I suspect they’ll take Gutierrez or Alguersuari.


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    Honestly don’t think Alguersuari will join Sauber. He already announced he had a seat for next year, way before Hamilton made his decission to join Mercedes, and thus Sauber didn’t knew they’d loose Perez.

    I rather think Alguersuari will join Caterham and replace Petrov/Kovalainen.

    As for Sauber, they probably stick with Kobayashi for continuality, and take in Kovalainen from Caterham.


    Gutierrez has some backing from Carlos Slim Jr right? so would fit in the place and sauber could keep their sponsors and with that the money to keep the fight alive


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    Gutierrez has the same backing from Carlos Slim that Perez had, so I wonder if to keep all that sponsorship, Sauber has to give him a race seat? I don’t think he’d be ready enough for it but he does bring a lot of money.

    But if not him, Alguersuari has to be the best choice.


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    @omarr-pepper – Really? Buemi? He got distracted by the idea of racing for Red Bull when he thought a seat might open up, and then got out-performed by Alguersuari.

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