Who should take the Honours in 2011

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    2010 saw the dominance of the two Red Bulls in qualifying and on race day, obviously Mclaren and Ferrari could at times put a dent in their armour.

    For many F1 fans and including myself, watching Vettel taking pole after pole seemed to get a little boring.You never really saw the Red Bulls get overtaken by other cars very often.

    However this year I would, like many people would prefer to see all the top teams level out.

    I want, someone again this year to win races and the championship who hasn’t done before.

    Here is my list of who deserve a chance at the championship in 2011.

    Robert Kubica: Proved he is a top driver by scoring good podiums and driving the car on some occasions beyond, its design capabilities.

    Nico Rosberg: Yet again scoring decent results in, an inadequate car and beating his 7 times champion team mate in the inter team battle.

    Mark Webber: Put in some stunning drives and showed an ability to keep his head together in tricky situations.

    Rubens Barrichello: Probably one of the most unfortunate guys on the F1 grid. Showed flashes of speed even at his age, he still has the race craft and talent to win.

    Kamui Kobayashi: Very exciting to watch entertained many at Suzuka if Sauber have given him a decent car it would be good to see him on the podium.

    Felipa Massa: Yet again another unlucky man on the grid. Had a tough season being Alonso’s team mate. Nice likable guy who deserves a shot a fair chance at the title with the tyres now suiting him.

    What do you think?? Do you have a particular driver or team you would like to see win or achieve success in 2011?? if yes then let us know.

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    Looks like a nice list, although I believe that Webber and Massa need to defeat their teammates to be WDC instead of winning because of their luck or unlucky teammates. Rubens is a mature driver and would be a great WDC but only because of that, I personally dont think he is a very fast driver. Maybe a few years back, but not now. Kamui is still very young and I would love to see him race a bit more before he becomes WDC. After all he did out qualify Heidfeld multiple times and he is no slouch. Rosberg and Kubica are my candidates for this years WDC, but its more me wanting them to be WDC than expecting them to. Renault (Lotus) seem like a team that has moments of glory but not consistently like Mclaren and Ferrari. I expect Mercedes to be fighting at the top as well as RedBull since I now believe they will be a team that will be good year after year now on. Some drivers I would like to see from the mid to top positions would be Sutil and Glock, but besides that great job.

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    There’s only one driver I’d rather see win the 2011 Championship more than Vettel, and that’s Schumacher.

    If Schumacher wins an 8th title in 2011 I’ll be the happiest man alive. I’d rather Schumacher than Vettel because Vettel will have plenty more chances in the future.

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    Don’t really want Schumacher to win another title to be honest. He has won enough and I was never really particularly impressed with his behavior on the track. I understand ambition to maintaining position but not by crashing people like in 1994 and 1997. I like to see new champions every year.

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    Love to see webber take the title and beat vettel. He has been treated badly by many and I always like to see someone who has worked so hard, for so long under difficult circumstances get the respect and praise that they deserve. I would like also like the championship to be even closer this year with more teams in the hunt. It would make webbers win even better!!

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    Nic Morley

    I’m hoping for Webber as he has been in the sport for a while and has worked alot harder then others to get where he is.

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    We all know Hamilton has it in him. If Mclaren give him the car this year, I reckon he can do it comfortably. However, my monies on Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton to outdrive their teammates. It all comes down to who has the better machinery. And Rosberg will outscore Schumacher this year. Again. I just hope Renault can be us there too.

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    Stephen Jones

    is this a topic to just say your favorite driver?

    nothing wrong with that.. but in my opinion they all deserve to win the championship.

    Every one of them has sacrificed half of their lives to get to where they are. When we were partying or staying with friends, these guys were out working on the kart, religously studying tracks and trying desperately to gain the sponsorship money to go racing..

    All 26 of them have been doing whatever they can to get into this position since when they were about 7 years old. For all of them, their childhood and teenage dreams were about winning the world championship.

    Some of them may seem more friendly than others, and others are extremely quiet. But i guarantee the last thing all of them think about at night, is the WDC, and how they’ve used their whole life to get in a position to take it.. They all deserve it.

    may the best man win!

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