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    I’ve been looking at it all season – which driver has won at all the tracks we’ve been too.

    At first we have to exclude drivers with no wins in F1. Then we can exclude Webber, Massa, Barrichello, Trulli and Kovalainen, who have never won in Australia.

    Schumacher’s never won at Turkey, neither has Alonso, and Hamilton hasn’t won Malaysia nor Spain.

    Which leaves us with Vettel and Button – they’ve both had dominant starts to a season (2009 and 2011), hence they’ve won at all the 5 tracks we’ve been to. Button has won at Monaco as well, but Vettel hasn’t. Neither driver has won Canada, so in any case in three weeks’ time this will be decided (or it’ll be a tie, if Vettel wins in Monaco and neither of them wins in Canada).

    It might be a bit boring, but I like following this thing and it’s interesting to me :)



    Schumacher had won in every location of that year’s calendar after Austrian Grand Prix 2002. Yep, that one he won thanks to team order. A good thing that he won there next year as well, that time it was well deserved one.

    But he failed to win in Istanbul which was introduced before his first retirement. Of course he has failed to win in the locations which had been added since then: Valencia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Yeongam. He also didn’t win on four circuits from his early F1 career: Kyalami, Mexico City, Donington and Adelaide.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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