Who Would You Star in F1 2013 – The Movie?

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    Lucas Wilson

    Let’s say someone wanted to make a movie about this years world championship, who would you have to act it all?


    Justin Bieber as Sebastien Vettel
    Eric Bana as Mark Webber
    Jackie Chan as Fernando Alonso
    Edward Horton as Nico Hulkenberg
    Vic Reeves as Stefano Domenicalli

    Discuss :-)



    A dead pigeon as Di Resta.



    Donald Glover as Lewis Hamilton

    My emotions! MY EMOTIONS!!!



    Considering how dull the movie would be I don’t think it matters. The film would be so terrible that I think just casting the drivers as themselves wouldn’t make it much worse. Or I’d get them to star as each other.



    MULTI 21, coming to a theater near you, this summer.

    Starring Charles Pic as Sebastian Vettel,
    Rob Smedley as Guillaume Rocquelin,
    Ayao Komatsu as Simon Rennie,
    Max Chilton as Mark Webber,
    Niki Lauda as Helmut Marko
    and Cyril Abiteboul as Christian Horner.



    I’d be most interested in seeing how Webber portrayed Vettel (I’d also give them a complete free rein- if they want to make their ‘character’ a pantomime villain or a heartfelt, multi-layered performance it’s up to them).



    a silent film starring Kimi Raikkonen


    Iestyn Davies

    Hah yes “The Driving Artist”, featuring a cameo by Rosco. Controversy ensues when Kimi mouths something that is interpreted by many as profanity (only by lip-reading it of course).

    Edward Norton as Davide Valsecchi in disappointment at missing out on 2 races.
    Eric Bana as Webber is spot on!
    I’d probably have Paul di Resta as Paul di Resta (impossible to cast someone to do his moods!), and feature Susie Wolff an inordinate amount of times.
    Given poetic licence, Maldonado’s money would fail to appear at some point after his meltdown, taking into account a revolution in Venezuela, and Susie would be thrust into the spotlight to drive one race at somewhere like Abu Dhabi or Brazil.
    Not sure how we would cover Maria de Villota’s death as we’d surely be aiming for a PG-13 certificate or something like that. But a send off akin to a fighter pilot or something noble like the FIA ambassador she became would be very welcome.
    I’m sure Lewis could suggest a big US hip-hop star to be him!
    Getting Max Chilton to be Heikki admitting after Brazil that he just wasn’t good enough would also be entertaining to see.

    What would the driving plot line be to unspirited Vettel domination that was the latter half of 2013?

    TYRES! the movie. Focussing on the life of an F1 tyre, from production as a young Pirelli tyre from general grown rubbers (excuse to take a trip to the Malaysian jungle), to being shredded and blown up on Hamilton’s car at Silverstone across multiple jaggedy edged kerbs.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVKgY1ilx0Y‎ Here’s the Rubber trailer, lol, for direction :D



    The 2008 and 2010 seasons would have made great films. In the dramatic final scene in Brazil 2008, the underdog that passed Hamilton would be the star of the 2010 film.



    I think they should make a sequel to RUSH, Vettel vs. Alonso


    Iestyn Davies

    Yes, very apt @david-a, it was a good precursor of what was to come with Vettel being at the clutch championship moment. 2009 would be interesting as well! 2011 would be the umpteenth sequel that no one bothered to watch!

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