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    Lucas Wilson

    (I’ll start :-) )

    …that Alonso would take the championship fight to the very end in the F2012.
    …that Perez would join McLaren and Hamilton would join Mercedes.
    …that Jeremy Clarkson manges to get F1 into every piece he does on Top Gear.
    …that all the Renualt engined cars have stepped noses.



    …Perez would have a haircut before the Australian GP. (Ok, before the Mclaren announcment, after that it was a sure thing)



    …that Bianchi would be driving a Marussia.
    …that McLaren would seriously consider parting ways with Vodafone and Mercedes
    …that Mercedes would top more test days than any other team



    ….that Button would take cheap shots at Lewis after he left Macca (I personally am not surprised, always thought of him as a hipocrite)
    ….Maldonado´s seat would be in jeopardy after losing the cash cow?
    …..Perez would beat Button…(hasn´t happened yet but I´m almost sure he will!)


    Aish Heydrich

    …that the right spelling is actually ‘Who’d have thought?’
    (keep going just pulling your leg ;))



    ….that Red Bull, who last year sported a hole on the nose step, would drop the hole and use a step that was conventional in 2012, and all the while most of the other teams have moved on from the step?



    Α bit older…
    …that Schumacher would return?
    …that Prost and Senna would hug and play with each other (Australia 1993)
    …that we would enjoy such a lovely sport back in 1950?


    Aish Heydrich

    …that Bernie would make it to 2013 alive and kicking.


    …that a rookie Lewis Hamilton would finish on equal points with double World Champion Fernando Alonso in 2007?
    …that after 2006, Alonso would still be waiting for his third World Championship in 2013?
    …that the modest little Sauber team would still be going strong after 20 years?
    …that live Formula 1 would ever disappear off of free-to-air television in the UK?
    …that in 2013, Formula 1 is still incredibly reluctant to embrace the power of the internet to help reach out to new fans?



    …that Button would score more points than Hamilton in their three years as teammates.



    …that two popes would be elected since McLaren last won a constructors championship



    ….that Kobayashi’s absent from the 2013 grid?
    ….that somebody started this topic?
    ….that the newest version of my favourite web browser’s been…..oops! wrong forum! :)

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