Who’s your second driver?

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    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Nico Rosberg
    3. Sergio Perez
    4. Felipe Massa
    5. Lewis Hamilton
    6. Nico Hulkenberg

    I don’t have any vendetta against any of the current drivers, however, I do dislike Chilton because he’s such a blatant example of a pay drivers whose achieved almost nothing in junior categories, yet unjustly gets a drive in F1. I would’ve said Van der Garde too, but at least he won Formula 3.5 Renault. That being said, I’m not a big fan of Vettel either, but that’s for totally different reasons.

    1. Ferrari
    2. Sauber
    3. Mercedes
    4. Marrusia
    5. McLaren
    6. Force India

    The team I dislike the most? That’s easy; Red Bull.


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    Keith Collantine

    Looking at the data on who F1 Fanatic readers support it seems that supporting multiple drivers is the rule rather than the exception:

    Who F1 Fanatic readers supported in 2012



    1. Raikkonen
    2. Perez
    3. Button
    4. Hamilton
    5. Hulkenburg
    6. Grosjean
    7. Bottas
    8. Massa
    9. Alonso
    10. Rosberg
    11. Bianchi
    12. Vettel
    13. Ricciardo
    14. Webber
    15. Gutierrez
    16. Pic
    17. Chilton
    18. Vergne
    19. Sutil
    20. Van der Garde
    21. Di Resta
    22. Maldonado



    I root basically by country, supporting the very talented german drivers, led by Seb. For me, Adrian is 2nd, Hulk is 3rd and Rosberg, 4th.
    After that, I’d go with Webber and Massa.
    I hate Alonso and he’s one of the only ones I root against.



    I go for Seb first and foremost. If not, I go for McLaren. Which leaves me conflicted when a McLaren beats Seb to the flag… Or when Seb is rumored to go to Ferrari.



    This is a forum for the favorite drivers not the ones we hate or dislike or root against.
    The fact that you mentioned out that, makes me think that your first priority is that Alonso should not win and then who wins the race is less important for you, but the most important is Alonso not to win.
    Well there is nothing wrong, you have the right to do that, but i don’t think that this is the best way to approach formula 1…a personal opinion


    i have read some of your posts and you seems a respectable and a well knowledged fan about formula 1.
    Nothing wrong with your favorites.
    But what i don’t understand is your avatar Alonso and Ferrari battling in the wet….
    It’s not that inside of your heart, it’s the truth…that you are a Ferrari and Alonso fan… but it’s hard to admit…:)
    it’s time to make your coming out… i know you are a Ferrari fan…:D



    My second driver would be Raikkonen.

    @nomore – Hehe, while I am also a Vettel fan, like @raymondu999 , my favourite team is Ferrari, as it has been since 1998, when I supported Michael Schumacher :) I enjoyed seeing him, in the bright red, take on the (at the time) grey Mclarens.



    @nomore don’t worry, I am a huge and positive F1 fan and do not keep rooting for Alonso not to win. I am also aware that he probably still is the best driver out there. But I do get a smile on my face when he fails, won’t deny that; his discourse I find profoundly disturbing, always have.
    Anyway, if he puts on a show and wins, I can also switch of the TV glad to have seen a great driver doing a great job.



    I’d choose Mark Webber because he’s a good friend with my man Fernando Alonso.


    My favourite driver was always Kamui Kobayashi. As he is now (unjustly) absent from the grid, I can’t decide who is my favourite out of Australia’s Mark Webbah and The Incredible Hülk, so that means my answer will probably have to be Sergio “Checo” Pérez.



    Since Michael retired my favourite driver is once more Button. But close behind are Vettel and Hulkenberg.



    My Top 5 drivers
    1. Fernando Alonso
    2. Nico Rosberg
    3. Jules Bianchi
    4. Felipe Massa
    5. Jenson Button/Sergio Perez
    Top 5 constructors
    1. Ferrari
    2. Marussia
    3. Force India
    4. Mercedes
    5. Sauber



    I am completely neutral in every sport that I follow. I dont really care who wins a race or a championship, as long as it’s entertaining with plenty of drama and excitement. I like pretty much every driver, some perhaps a little more than others, but I am so in awe of what these drivers do on track, race after race, that I find every one of them to be absolutely inspiring.

    I do like to see Webber and Massa win, as they are the underdogs and number two drivers in their team. And for some reason, I really like Chilton aswell. Why? I have no idea.. I just find him to be really cool and I hope he does well and proves his doubters wrong. I’m crazy I know..

    But I dont like when Vettel wins, purely because he has won too much over the last few years and in my eyes, he’s the favourite in every race. His success does not reflect his actual speed and raw pace compared to some of the other drivers, in my honest opinion.



    @shaneb12345678910 I agree with you about Chilton, while I don’t think he’s a top level driver he seems like a really nice guy. That and I also follow his brother who is a decent chap who takes time out to meet the fans and chat.

    On the subject of second drivers, my second driver is based on the team I support (McLaren) so Jenson is my favourite and Sergio my second.

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