Why aren’t the new teams getting points with the new tyres?

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    We are a quarter of the way into the third year of Caterham, Marussia and HRT’s F1 advanture and they still don’t look like scoring points.

    Best finishes in 2012: 14 (Marussia), 16 (Caterham), 20 (HRT)

    Nobody else find it confusing that they haven’t been able to score points even with the lack of EBD and the unpredictable tyres? Still we have HRTs struggling to get into 107% in quali,Caterham and Marrusia are not making much progress.

    Under normal circumstances, I would not have expected any of them to close the gap, it’s just the exciting new rules seem to allow the midfield to close up to the frontrunners, and quite disappointing the ‘new teams’ have been left behind.

    Anyone expect them to get points this season?



    Cars don’t retire any more, meaning those at the back just don’t get the chance to swipe points from an eventful race. Not like the old days. And even then the points only went to 6th and the field was larger,so it’s even more impressive that they’re not scoring points now



    I don’t mind either Marussia or HRT, as they are teams with reasonable expectations and we don’t think much of them anyway. Caterham on the other hand, seriously piss me off. At the start of 2011, weren’t they claiming they would fight in the midfield and score some 50 odd points? They set themselves up for failure. Constantly complaining about the whole Lotus situation, how they are the real Lotus although Raikkonen regularly laps them 5 times a race. Pathetic.



    Reliability is better and the bottom three teams are too slow. The last time less than ten cars finished a grand prix was Australia 2008 where 6 cars finished out of 22. The gap between Caterham and the midfield is still too big for them to score on merit.

    how they are the real Lotus although Raikkonen regularly laps them 5 times a race

    Lotus Renault aren’t the real Lotus either.


    Bradley Downton

    @kingshark – Tony Fernandes always planned for his Lotus/Caterham project to take three years before they scored points (he wanted to score a point of two in his third year).
    Also, in a few races now, Caterham aren’t being lapped at all, granted this is mainly due to safety cars but still. In Spain, Kovalainen was able to hold Rosberg behind for a few laps when he was 5th by merti of everyone else pitting.
    They are making progress, especially in the start of the race, unfortunately they still seem to lack in Qualifying and the end of the race.
    Also, I agree with @slr, neither of them was/is the real Lotus. But personally I believe Caterham to be closer on the merit that they brought the official Team Lotus name. I don’t want to get into an argument about this though as this is simply my own personal though :)

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