Will F1 be in HD this year?

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    Does anyone know if the BBC will be broadcasting F1 in HD this year?

    Will get Sky HD if they will be!



    Well Jake Humphrey said on twitter before XMAS that we should find out very soon.

    Not a peep since so i’m gonna presume it will be on BBC One HD but it will only be upscaled content rather than the full HD feed….



    Well sky germany are broadcasting it in native HD now, so I presume the bbc will follow suit.



    So now we know it’ll be in HD. The question becomes whether or not the broadcasters turn around and offer it in HD. I have satellite service, so I’ll have to upgrade my receiver to an HD box if SPEED offers it. So far I haven’t had a reason to upgrade, but if F1 is HD on SPEED I don’t think I’ll be able to resist.



    it has been confirmed that it will be in HD look at the home page of this site


    Stephen Jones

    german tv is in HD.. german

    but that should mean FOM is using HD.. yeah?



    I can’t see the BBC passing this up. Thankfully if I upgrade, being with Virgin Media means it’s a one off fee.


    Keith Collantine

    So far we know it will in Britain, Germany and Australia.

    Story here: BBC and other channels to show F1 in HD in 2011

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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