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Will Petrov ever win a GP?


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    I’m not sure what to think of Petrov – we haven’t really seen him shine.
    After his recent signing with Caterham I had to wonder – will he ever stand on the top step?
    If he does though, it will be awesome to hear this ringing out over the podium:

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    No. His job to prove me wrong.

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    I doubt he’ll ever get a car good enough to win a GP. Petrov isn’t that good, I can’t see why a top team would sign him.


    After Melbourne last year (where I cheered him on the podium from the grid after his deserved podium) I thought he had found something extra. Unfortunately, the rest of the season wasn’t quite as impressive, so I don’t know what to make of him.

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    Slavsya, Otechestvo! Nashe svobodnoye.

    That is all.

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    I thought this would be played when he would win:

    via @magnificent-geoffrey (if I remember correctly)

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    Eduard Khil FTW! :D

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    Even if Vitaly was driving an RB7 or RB8 he wouldn’t stand a chance. Some guys just don’t have it, and Vitaly is one of them. A huge waste of space on the grid IMHO

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    @Todfod he managed a superb podium in a Renault so I wouldn’t totally write him off.

    He could but he won’t is my feeling. He’s in Caterham and I don’t think he’ll advance team wise so no.

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    He could, but he’d need a very solid car underneath him, and I don’t think he will progress beyond the midfield, so no.

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    @todfod, I´m a Ferrari fan…. and an Alonso Fan… and as much as i hate him for it…. Petrov IS GOOD… he was able to hold off Alonso in abu dhabi…. for quite a number of laps…. The art of defensive driving requires SKILLS buddy so cut him some slack…
    IMHO Renaults 2 podiums las season where “payment” for Vitaly´s blocking in abu dhabi but hey… that is just my opinion… Guess who I think it was payment from!

    Profile photo of raymondu999

    @Jack22 to be fair – Abu Dhabi is hardly a place where overtaking is easy. The only real place you could overtake is the straights; and there Petrov had the edge. Where the Ferrari had the edge; was where it was impossible to overtake.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    @raymondu999 – then perhaps you should re-visit Istanbul 2010. Alonso was stuck behind Petrov for thirty-two (I think) laps, on a circuit where passing is much easier. Even then, Alonso only got past when they made contact and Petrov got a puncture. It was particularly funny to hear Alonso’s race engineer tell him that Petrov would melt within three laps.

    Profile photo of Todfod

    @Jack . No doubt I’m a huge Alonso fan, but that doesn’t change the fact that Petrov got 1/5th of Kubica’s points in 2010.

    It also doesn’t change the fact that Petrov was getting beaten by a lacklustre Heidfeld last season

    … and lets not forget a mid season appearence by Bruno Senna saw Vitaly get hammered in quali as well.

    Abu Dhabi 2010 was actually one of Vitaly’s best performances, unfortunately though, he has way too many rubbish performances to be considered a decent driver

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    If he ups hes driving and motivation (Stops being just a russian ad product) and manages to stay in caterham till the time they become a top team (if they will ever,ofcourse) then yes,I can’t see a reason why he couldn’t win. Last years podium was pure luck and we all know it,but he has some true speed in him,but he haven’t showed it yet.

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