Will the new engine mapping regulations help Webber?

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    The whole engine mapping and exhaust gases regulations should really come into effect at Silverstone. Last year, I remember that Webber was matching Vettel pretty well up until the EBD updates were attached on the RB6. I faintly remember that Webber was never too happy with a lot of the EBD’s effects, as it was more suited to Vettel’s style of driving than Mark’s style.

    I was just wondering whether Webber would benefit from all the Engine mapping and EBD regulations, and whether the car will suddenly start suiting his style of driving from Silverstone onwards.

    Maybe its just wishful thinking, but what do you guys think about the effects of the new regulations on the RB7, and on Seb and Mark in particular?


    Nic Morley

    I hope so. It would be a nice change to see Webber beating Vettel again.



    I think he’ll be closer but there are other areas where Seb is doing better too – particularly with the tyres. Read this for example: http://bit.ly/lc4OOU



    Was going to echo Icthyes, his main problem seems to be with the tyres. It doesn’t help that he’s just plain slower than Vettel either, but they should be closer in qualifying at least.

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