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F1 discussion

Will there ever be an F1 oval race?

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    I have just watched the highlights of the Indy Car from IOWA speedway and wow, what a race! It was a hundred times better than Valencia and one of the greatest oval races I’ve seen.

    Some F1 fans take a dim view of oval racing saying ‘It’s just turning left’, but just look at the old races at Monza before the chicanes were added, cars would slipstream each other straight-after-straight, lap-after-lap.

    I think a classic slipstreaming race would be a great addition to the calender but personally I can’t see it ever happening (not even a long time into the future) due to F1 fans views on oval racing. What does everyone else think?

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    I agree, there should be one oval race a season. It would be awesome to have it at Indy, maybe Indy 300 or something like that, so that the race would last a normal amount of time. It’d be a great addition and a great chance for a backmarker to surprise – just like we see Red Bull struggle at Monza and Force India usually performing well there – such things would happen to a much greater extent, which can only be good.

    One oval race a season, yes, but no more.

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    I’d love it. The Indycar season has been really good so far this season, and that’s carrying on now into the oval season aswell – I haven’t seen anything of this race yet but have only read good stuff :) The Twin 275’s at Texas last time out were brilliant as well (apart from the bizarre grid slot lottery between the races…) so I would categorically love to see an oval race integrated into F1 somehow :)

    Profile photo of HoHum

    Of course, once upon a time the Indy 500 was part of the F1 world championship, with the FIA moving towards a one-design F1 car the 2 series may well adopt a single rule and bring the 500 back to the championship.

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    Oval would be nice

    AVUS would be better

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    Dan Thorn

    I’d love a bit of variety in the tracks F1 visits, and an oval would be brilliant. Whether it would be at Indy or somewhere like Daytona, Charlotte or Pocono I wouldn’t mind. It’d add another dimension of skill to the championship.

    Last night I was also toying with the idea of a ‘paperclip’ style circuit, maybe 4 or 5 huge straights connected by tint hairpins. I’d just like a bit more variety in the types of circuit we visit.

    Profile photo of DavidS

    One oval circuit on the calendar would be a good addition in my opinion. It requires a much different driving style, and the car setup will have to be wildly different, which means that the results could be interesting, possibly seeing some of the backmarkers on road courses being more competitive because their cars produce less downforce to begin with, which possibly could mean lower drag.

    There’s nothing wrong with oval racing per se, the issue with NASCAR is that it is almost exclusively oval racing.

    Profile photo of Icthyes

    It would be a great idea and that means it’s never going to happen. It would have to be at Indy. Can you imagine oval racing on Pirelli tyres! They’d have to bring the medium and super-hard compounds of course.

    Profile photo of Prisoner Monkeys
    Prisoner Monkeys

    I don’t know if an oval race would work – but maybe something like a rally-style super special stage might, with the oval forming one ring and a road course forming the other.

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    Early in the last century many race tracks had a banked semi-oval as part of the course, would be interesting to see again.

    Profile photo of GeeMac

    A few years ago I would have said “definitly not” but now, particularly having watched more Indycar races over the last few years, I’d welcome the idea.

    I still think that oval races wouldn’t require huge amounts of skill (and for the life of me I can’t work out their race strategies which don’t seem to make any sense at all), but its would be great to see something different, it could shake up the order a bit and who wouldn’t like to see a bit of slipstreaming!

    Profile photo of BROOKSY007

    i think it would be of great interest to the fans, and to also see f1 cars hitting insane speeds 360KPH PLUS

    f1 should be the fastest motorsport in the world!!

    Profile photo of ajokay

    Last night I was also toying with the idea of a ‘paperclip’ style circuit, maybe 4 or 5 huge straights connected by tint hairpins. I’d just like a bit more variety in the types of circuit we visit.

    Mugello and Queensland Raceway both look like paperclips!

    I’d love to see a race per season on an oval though, I really do.

    Profile photo of GR

    I think ovals would be very interesting to see, although I’m not sure I’d pay attention for a whole race distance.

    What I would really really love to see is a feature event that had a series of short races that depended upon some different skill sets of the drivers. For example, you know in the Race of Champions they start at different ends of the circuit? I’d love to see two F1 racers go head to head on a similar theme, on a circuit something along the lines of the part-road part-oval circuit that PM mentions above. If they started at different ends of the course then noone could complain about dirty air slowing them down etc. If the course played to different driving characteristics, then we might see them pushing each other to the limit. Perhaps they could do some quick qualifying to decide the pairs.

    Similarly, I’d like to see them in a challenge that was specifically about overtaking. Eg in ‘Need For Speed: Shift’ there’s an online challenge where you do the same short course three times. Once starting together, once starting a little behind the other car, then once starting a little ahead. So, to win, you’re probably going to have to overtake at some point. But I’m sure something quicker or more entertaining could be made up.

    But it’ll never happen :(

    Profile photo of GeeMac

    “I’d love to see two F1 racers go head to head on a similar theme, on a circuit something along the lines of the part-road part-oval circuit that PM mentions above”

    Like an individual pursuit in cycling? That would be epic!

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