Williams FW33 – My improved livery

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    Moving 2 logos around, instantly (in my eyes) makes a rather dreary livery look a whole lot better, and fully maximises the Rothmans lines.



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    Considering AT&T are the title sponsor, they’ve never had terribly prominent logos on the car, which you think they’d do, as title sponsors rarely get name dropped other than with interviews with members of the team.


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    Sponsors pay for what they get. AT&T don’t pay to have their logo on the sidepod, they pay to have their name in the title.

    They all pay for a spot on the car. Remember when Renault launched in 2010? They had lots of blank spaces, they could have covered those over with their existing sponsors but they didn’t because that would scare sponsors away.

    They’d think “Someone already has that spot, there’s no point investing”

    If you keep the space open, sponsors will come and look… we could have our logo there.


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    Much better. Here’s an improvement I did to the nose.


    Still don’t get why they didn’t do this. The nose looks messy in my opinion.


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    I’m not sure I agree. I think the nose looks good as it is – it doesn’t look like a rothmans nose, but it looks good I think.

    Then again, i’m in love with the williams livery so perhaps i’m not seeing things clearly :)


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    I was thinking the same thing about the nose, Tommy, looks pretty good there.


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    I liked the all-blue nose better but I would have gone with blue all the way and lose even the white top of the nose.

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