Worst crash at each track

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    We’ve seen some big crashes this season, but what were the worst crashes for wach track. We can also use historic race tracks. And although a driver dies at that track, its not neccesarily the worst accident there.

    Albert Park: 2010 Kobayashi

    Circuit Gilles Villenveuve: 2007 Kubica

    Valencia Street Circuit: 2010 Webber

    Circuit de Spa Francorchamps: 1998 just about everyone

    Suzuka: 2009 Alguersuari (I cant remember any other ones)

    Yeongam: 2010 Petrov

    Interlagos: 2003 Just about everyone

    Imola: 1989 Gerhard Berger


    Mark Hitchcock

    The one for Suzuka that springs to mind for me is Mcnish’s one in Quali in ’02: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFJmJsV_PMk



    Brundle at Albert Park, surely? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItC4s1WDAbU



    Didn’t MSC also have a big shunt at 139R in 1991? If anyone can find a YouTube link…please share.



    Current ones, and only including F1 what I have seen since I started following:

    Sakhir – not very bad ones there, but I say Hamilton in FP some years ago.

    Melbourne – Brundle 1996

    Sepang – Herbert 2000

    Shanghai – Karthikeyan 2005

    Barcelona – Kovalainen 2008

    Istanbul – nothing big there either, but I choose 2008 start incident where Fisichella flew through the air

    Montreal – Kubica 2007

    Valencia – Webber 2010

    Silverstone – Schumacher 1999

    Hockenheim (new) – start crash 2003

    Hungaroring – well Massa’s one was just freak incident and the crash into tyre wall wasn’t the worst one. I say Firman 2003

    Spa – Zanardi 1993

    Monza – 1st lap crash 2000

    Singapore – Piquet 2008

    Suzuka – McNish 2002

    Yeongam – Petrov 2010

    Interlagos – Alonso 2003

    Abu Dhabi – none



    I think the worst at China was Buemi’s. There isn’t much scarier than going down that huge straight and just as you go to brake your wheels fly off!

    Agree with the rest of your list though Bleu although Christian Fittipaldi’s Monza backflip was probably the most spectacular crash at that track but not the worst.


    Dan Thorn

    What about Monaco? There’s a whole host of choices for that. Fisi’s in 2005 was quite big, and Brundle’s in 1984 was bad as well. Then there’s the huge start line pile up caused by Derek Daly in 1980, and Jenson’s massive shunt in practice in 2003 which meant he couldnt start the race.

    There was also a colossal shunt in the 1950 race when a freak wave soaked the track and caused a massive pile up, and who can forget when Ascari plunged into the harbour in ’55.

    And though it wasn’t particularly destructive, but when Brabham crashed out of the lead on the last corner of the last lap in 1970 it must have been pretty bad for him!



    Regarding Bahrain, I would say Kimi’s suspension failure in 2006



    Disagree with Melbourne. Villeneuve’s crash in 2001 was definitely the worst, regardless of the fatality! He hadn’t hit the brakes, so he was doing about 180mph when he connected with Ralf’s Williams, he flew through the air, made heavy contact with the barriers mid-flight before cart-wheeling through the gravel trap. I am struggling to think of a more scary accident in the history of Formula 1! And I think Senna’s fatal or Piquet’s 1987 crashes at Tamburello were worse than Berger’s. Berger didn’t actually hit the wall as hard, he was just unlucky that the impact ruptured the fuel cell.

    I agree with most others though. McNish’s crash at Suzuka in 2002 remains the only time I have seen a car go through the barrier! Firman’s crash in Hungary 2003 was also horrendous.



    A few more to consider from the current tracks:

    Interlagos – Brundle, Irvine Verstapppen 94. Not massive, but pretty scary bearing in mind the fact that Verstappen’s wheel actually hit Brundle on the noggin.

    Montreal – Panis 97. Ruined what could have been his best F1 season.

    Monaco – Wendelinger 94. He was in a coma for months after this crash.




    On the flip-side, how about ‘worst’ crash in terms of ‘oh my god I can’t believe he just did that’

    China – Hamilton ’07

    Japan – Vettel into Webber ’08



    Sakhir – Hamilton 2008 (FP) or Raikkonen 2006 (quali)

    Melbourne – Ralf/JV 2001

    Sepang – Herbert 2000 or Ralf/Webber 2005

    Shanghai – Karthikeyan 2005

    Barcelona – Kovalainen 2008

    Monaco – Wendlinger 1994 (quali)

    Istanbul – Montoya 2005 (although that’s rather tame)

    Montreal – Paletti 1982

    Valencia – Webber 2010

    Silverstone – Scheckter 1973

    Hockenheim (new) – start crash 2003

    Hungaroring – Firman 2003

    Spa – 1st lap 1998 (by miles)

    Monza – von Trips 1961, Rindt 1970, Petersen 1978

    Singapore – Piquet 2008

    Suzuka – Senna/Prost 1990

    Yeongam – Petrov 2010

    Interlagos – Alonso 2003

    Abu Dhabi – none



    Its not F1 but the worst crash at Abu Dhabi would probably have to be Natacha Gachnang’s crash where she went straight on at the end of the straight.


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