What was the worst F1 race?

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    I was born in 1996, and I have watched F1 for as long as I can remember and I can honestly say I have never been bored during a Formula One race, even when I was 3 Formula 1 was the only thing that consistently captured my attention and held it. Since Monza 1999, which is the first race I can definately remember, I have missed 4 races due to other commitments and prior to our family being able to record, while it soon became apparent to my family that life was to revolve around my love for Formula 1 :P



    United States 2005 has to be the one of the worst, but consistently below average races include many of the Spanish, Monaco, Hungarian and European (Valencia only) Grands Prix.



    Any Hungarian Grand Prix…………




    Monaco, pick the year you want…


    Any Hungarian Grand Prix…………

    Including Monaco 2008 and Hungary 2006? :O

    Not to be a smark here, but there’s always an exception to the rule. ;-)

    That being said, since I began watching in 2002, these are some of the worst, most boring races that stuck in my memory (one per year).

    Japan 2002
    France 2003
    Hungary 2004
    United States 2005
    Spain 2006
    Belgium 2007
    China 2008
    Turkey 2009
    Bahrain 2010
    Europe 2011
    India 2012



    India 2012, Valencia 2011, Bahrain 2010, Shanghai 2008, Indianapolis 2005…


    Craig Woollard

    2011 European Grand Prix.


    R.J. O’Connell

    For events that didn’t involve a loss of life or career-ending injury, the list starts and ends with the 2005 United States GP.

    Minardi double-points finishes aren’t supposed to be joyless occasions, and yet, there it was.



    I suggest Valencia 2011, as other did.
    The only time in my entire life I turned off the TV while watching a GP.



    If I’m allowed to go back to 2002, then Japan from that year always comes to my mind first as a boring race. Absolutely nothing happened in that race, the only event of the weekend I remember is McNish having his huge accident.



    Little love for Japan 2002 here. I liked that race because I was rooting for Taku to score some points! Most boring race for me in 2002 was probably Hungary. Absolutely nothing of note happened there.

    For the other years:
    2003 – France
    2004 – Hungary
    2005 – USA
    2006 – Spain
    2007 – Belgium
    2008 – China
    2009 – Hungary
    2010 – Bahrain
    2011 – Valencia
    2012 – India



    There is no such thing as a boring F1 race.
    There are processional races, but they are never boring.



    @keithcollentine keeps record of all the ratings we gave the races from 2008 (?) onwards. With that we can easily make a ranking of the worst F1-races in recent history. You’ll probably find it has everything to do with the tracks that provide processional races.



    I meant @keithcollantine


    Lucas Wilson


    Here are the worst races in every year science 2008 (from Rate The Race)

    2008: Europe GP; 3.9/10
    2009: Turkey GP; 5.2/10
    2010: Germany GP: 3.7/10
    2011: Europe GP: 3.8/10
    2012: Korean GP: 5.1/10
    2013 (So far): 5.9/10

    This (currently) makes the 2010 German GP the worst race in F1Fanatics rate the race history, getting an average rating of just 3.7 out of 10.


    Lucas Wilson

    sorry, forgot to put that the worst race in 2013 so far was the Spanish GP.

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