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F1 discussion

Worst F1 track

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    At the risk of slipping off topic I have to say I realise that. But the point of hosting a GP these days is to show what your country is about and what it can do. Why they didn’t build it nearer to Seoul is beyond me.

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    James Brickles

    @joeyz-f1 – I personally don’t have anything against it because it was before my time but whenever I read discussions of bad F1 tracks, Nivelles always seems to come up. I’ve read that the track was not particular fan friendly and considered to be too safe for F1, and that was in the 1970s as well.

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    I have to say that I’ve always held the post 2001 Hockenheim in low regard.

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    Ed Marques

    Sakhir, by far.

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    I had a feeling someone would mention post 2001 Hockenheim. I miss the sight of watching F1 cars with skinny little wings blasting through German forrests at full tilt, slithering their way through chicanes that were constantly being modified as much as the next guy, but I do actually like the “new” (it is 12 years old now) layout. It is safer, more people can see more cars more often and it still has some of the character of the old circuit because it is still fast. I can’t fault it really.

    Profile photo of the_sigman

    The problem with the post-2001 Hockenheim is that it was built in place of the old Hockenheimring. If it was built in France for example we would all like it. I like the new circuit, which is worse than the old but still good.

    Profile photo of Nick

    The thing that pains me most is the fact they’ve broken up the tarmac of the hold Hockenheim.. The pictures of bushes growing where the Ostkurve used to be, just don’t feel right.

    Profile photo of GeeMac

    You are right. Jim Clark’s memorial is buried deep in that forest now too.

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    Lucas Wilson


    Doesn’t feel right that this once great track has just been abandoned to Nature. Same with the old part of Monza.

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    What about new Fuji in 07-08?

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    @dujedcv Fantastic track.

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    Regarding Hockenheim: The “new” layout is still fast, but as much as I try to like it, I’ve just never been a fan. I agree that it is sad to see woodland growing on top of where the magnificent old track was.

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    Valencia. one good race does not suddenly make it a great track, but we’ll have to wait for this year’s race to really decide.

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    I guess its Yas Marina.. Shakir and Valencia are comparatively better.

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    Yas Marina is undoubtedly the least imaginative track on the calendar. Nothing but long straights and 90 degree corners – a quintessential Tilkedrome. It also feels like the race is one big advert for their shiny hotel.

    Buddh is another track I’m not a fan of. Maybe I’m being harsh because it’s only had two races, but I simply can’t imagine there ever being an exciting race there. It’s such a forgettable circuit.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)

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