Would Webber return the favour?

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    Here’s a situation I’d think is interesting to consider.

    Say Vettel is first, Webber second, Alonso third and a bit behind. With 2 laps to go, Vettel moves over and lets Webber through.

    What happens then if Alonso crashes out / spins and drops to 5th / suffers a puncture etcetera? Do you think Webber would hand the position back? And if he did, what would be the general feeling amongst the public?



    Very interesting / but I think Vettel would let Webber through at the very last corner.



    Webber won’t return the favour and get kicked out from RBR, leaving Vettel with an awesome number zero car for the next year as a consolation prize.



    I agree with Enigma. If they’re running in that order Vettel will wait until the last lap, and rightfully so.


    Stephen Jones

    i’m sure webber would just gas it and win..

    then leave the country, lay low for a couple of years..

    then get a new name and start a new life in iceland



    Vettel catches Webber up, try to overtake but Webber slams the door and both RB are out. Hamilton wins the race and the championship.


    Fer no.65

    Vettel will wait till the very last moment.

    What i’ve been thinking is… we’re all assuming Alonso to be pretty far from the RBR duo… but what if Alonso is right on Mark’s tail?… how are they gonna make the switch?



    No he wouldn’t. He’s already said to Jake he’d do something selfish if it meant him winning the title.

    Vettel will let him through but IF he needs to. We are all assuming it’s going to be Vet/Web/Alo. Could Webber not simply be faster than Vettel? Also with Hamilton in the mix it’s going to be chaotic.



    I assume Vettle will wait untill arond 10-15 laps to go before he makes his moove. An he’ll make it blatant, sort of a you may have beaten me but only because my engine kept on going poof.

    Hamilton may well qualify well up the feild, he seems to do damn well at this circuit but the McLaren has been eating it’s tyres of late, whether he fades in the race will be a big issue. Also, if anyone is behind him if he fades is important, he said he won’t be letting people past him easily, but he’s not had much experiance of driving defensivley in his career an if he’s on knackered tyres he’ll probably coast off the circuit at some point trying to defend to hard. I reckon he won’t be able to contain Alonso on old tyres but he’ll close Vettle down easily enough, don’t know about Webber.

    Still I hope he wins and they all crash.

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