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F1 discussion

Would you rather – F1 Fanatic edition

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    Adelaide at the end, the carnival spirit would be great.

    Would you rather pass at Eau Rouge ‘up the inside’ or at 130R ‘around the outside’?

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Outside of the 130R.

    Would you rather have dominant machinery in your first 2 years in F1, but then fade away for the rest of your career (J. Villeneuve). Or have 8 dry years in F1 with only a single win (Button), but finish your career strong in the final 3 years?

    *note that both Button and Villeneuve have 1 title and 11 wins, but their careers were the exact opposite.*

    Profile photo of Fixy

    Button-style, just because Villeneuve’s career is so sad in my eyes.

    Would you rather be Red Bull’s second driver or Toro Rosso’s first? (I want to see others’ opinions, I chose the latter in my F1 2010 career but it’s proving tougher to win)

    Profile photo of Ell

    Red Bull’s second. I will be too quick for Vettel ;D

    Would you rather win a race where your team mate crashes for you, or come 3rd where you overtake your team mate? (Iwould have the latter)

    Profile photo of James_mc

    Erm I suspect the latter. Although if the former won me the world championship against my biggest other-team rival I would probably take that just to rile them…

    Would you rather:

    Have to come all the way from La Source to the pits on 3 wheels after losing a front wheel or a rear wheel?

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Front wheel, although both would be scary as hell. :D

    Would you rather have Coulthard’s chin, Hamilton’s earings, or Rosberg’s hair?

    Profile photo of Nic Morley
    Nic Morley

    Coulthards chin. Must be useful for some things.

    WYR on your debut qualify on pole (Red Bull), or qualify 11th (HRT)?

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Qualify 11th for HRT.

    Would you rather be an F1 commentator or car designer?

    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine

    There seems to be an obvious new use for this thread. Would you rather:

    a) See ten races live and ten delayed and edited for no charge (apart from the licence fee)
    b) Pay Sky an extra £363 to see the other ten races live as well

    Obviously if you’ve already got Sky the deal is not quite that straightforward!

    F1 fans in Britain, how will you be watching in 2012?

    Profile photo of ajokay

    Unfortunately, I can’t answer honestly with either of thouse choices. But If I had to choose one, it would be “a”

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    Both are pretty rubbish choices unfortunately but A.

    Profile photo of Ell

    B because my dad pays for sky.

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    Here’s the thread I’ve been looking for! It’s 3 years old, for sure, but I’ll blow the dust off it and give it a kick-start again.

    Would you rather see a battle between Hamilton vs Rosberg or Alonso vs Raikkonen for the championship?

    Profile photo of SeaHorse

    I would rather see Alosno Vs Räikkönen battle for the championship!

    Would you rather be a member of McLaren’s Young Driver Programme, Ferrari Driver Academy or Red Bull Junior Team?

    Profile photo of Steph

    Ferrari Driver Academy.

    Would you rather be a number 2 driver to Fernando, Lewis or Seb?

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 182 total)

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