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F1 discussion

Would you rather – F1 Fanatic edition

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    Schumacher, I reckon he’d be more likely to crack under high pressure

    You’re a team boss and can choose as your drivers any driver from F1 history, who do you pick?

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    You know, this game is rather messing with my mind.

    Usually, the “Would you rather?” question is simply followed by two names. I kind of went “bleh, neither, thanks” when I misread Tommy’s question as being “Would you rather Schumacher or Alonso?”… :-D

    Avatar of beneboy

    I think I’d go for Ascari

    Would you rather win your one and only season in F1 or be the longest serving driver in the sport with no championship wins ?

    Avatar of Todfod

    Win a championship in my one and only season, and leave as a legend. Doing a Rubens is just not my cup of tea.

    Would you rather rather date Jessica Michibata or Nicole Scherzinger?

    Avatar of Felipe Bomeny
    Felipe Bomeny

    Jessica Michibata, for sure.

    Would you rather drive for Brabham or Lotus?

    Avatar of SamS

    One and only winner!

    Would you rather have Vettel’s index finger celebration or Shumacher’s jump on the podium celebration?

    EDIT: Sorry too late: Def Lotus, now as above

    Avatar of damonsmedley

    Jessica Michibata. I do not like Nicole at all.

    EDIT: Sorry, I was too slow! :P I’d drive for Brabham, because I’m Australian.

    Avatar of Asanator

    Spa (been to Monza)

    Would you rather have the reputation for being a driver who was:

    ‘blindingly fast but crashed a lot’


    ‘an average driver that consistently finished’?

    Avatar of Fixy

    Vettel’s celebration, because I’ve been using it from a while, before I knew it was Vettel’s.

    Would you rather have driven in the 60′s or 70′s?

    EDIT: this thread is becoming messy!

    EDIT 2: Asanator, who did you answer to?

    EDIT 3: Now don’t hate me for the ‘finger’ statement!

    Avatar of Lachie

    60′s, I could look at pictures of my self with pride at the beauty of the machinery I’m driving, rather than mentally block out the car.

    Would you rather 8 races a year on 60′s era Nurburgring’s and Spa’s or 20 races a year on Tilkedromes?

    Avatar of beneboy

    8 races a year on classic tracks for sure !

    WYR – Get the first win for a new team or come second in the WDC for a big team ?

    Avatar of Enigma

    Get the first win for a new team.

    Would you rather give up F1 or a kidney?

    Avatar of Felipe Bomeny
    Felipe Bomeny

    A kidney :P

    WYR drive for Minardi or have a testing role with Ferrari for the rest of your career?

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    Minardi. I love Ferrari but testing is limited and even if it wasn’t the idea of driving around in circles with zero action or excitement bores me to tears.

    WYR- set up your own team or run Ferrari?

    Avatar of damonsmedley

    Steph, that’s like asking if you’d rather win the lottery or work for your whole life just to have enough money to retire! :P So I’d rather run Ferrari.

    Would you rather follow a Grand Prix with the live blog and Twitter, but no video stream, or watch the race 24 hours after it had finished?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 182 total)

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