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    Webber needs to give Vettel the People’s Elbow



    I like this post. Its nice to have a fun conversation about f1 for a change without blown diffusers and ECM’s or whatever. Senna = stone cold? His I’m going to win and that’s the bottom line attitued. I watched wrestling during the attitude era and I miss it. F1 seems to be going the same way with drivers giving the team lines to any journalist that will listen. Props to mark for saying what he thinks. And Lewis’ maybe its because I’m black remark may have been a bit inappropriate but at least he says what he thinks and takes no prisoners on track.



    Hamilton as Punk is very interesting – who’d be his Nexus group, though? :D

    I just love the Kobayashi – Jeff Hardy comparison. Really makes a lot of sense. I hope Kobayashi has a better run than what Jeff ended up having, though.

    Just realized now. How about Alonso = The Rock? They both have quite the eyebrow. :D

    Stone Cold is a tough one to think of, but I tend to agree with kiki that Senna is the best comparison. Driven to perform in front of the fans and to win, doesn’t care what the authority figure thinks of him, and would probably give him a Stunner given half a chance. :D Not to mention they both led their respective fans to a new era in their sports.

    But Stone Cold and Senna both had their rivals. So here’s what I think.

    Senna = Stone Cold

    Mansell = The Rock

    Prost = The Undertaker (they sure have similar levels of charisma on the mic)

    Piquet = Shawn Michaels (admittedly, this one’s a bit of a stretch, but they were both quite the ladies’ men.)



    If Mansell = The Rock then British fans had the peoples mustache.


    Ned Flanders

    “Sometimes you wonder how F1 isn’t scripted”

    Isn’t it?? I’ve seen more than enough dodgy rule changes over the years to suspect that to some extent it is…

    Also, I hate wrestling. Hate hate hate it. Never liked it as a kid, don’t like it now. But I just wanted to get that off my chest, don’t let me hijack the thread with my negativity!



    Don’t worry Ned, LL Jehto already has :P



    I definitely wasn’t expecting so much positivity.. far from me wanting to ruin anybody’s pleasure.

    if it was a outburst, believe me, it was my natural reaction to the comparation. shocked. because it is, a comparation

    Wrestling example …

    F1 example …

    but, go on, never mind my outburst



    This is such a funny thread! It reminded me of a other F1 blog articles I read earlier this year that also compared F1 to Wrestling, if anyone is interested:



    There truly are quite some comparisons, no matter one’s views on Santa Claus (ahem).



    Thanks for sharing that, Trix! Especially love the britsonpole article – how about an I Quit match between Max and Ron? Max would have Bernie in his corner, while Ron would have… Martin Whitmarsh.


    I’m now imagining Jonathan Legard as a Wrestling commentator and my sides are in excruciating pain from laughing.

    Or imagine J.R and Jerry Lawler commentating on F1?

    “BAH GAWD KANG! Hamilton just beat that KERS button like a gubbment mule!”



    @Mag’Geof Don’t forget the famous “It’s like a man playin’ with children!” http://youtu.be/zzy4CdSRfas

    Boy, DC would be hiding under the desk if he were to comment with JR…



    my prejudice against Wrestling comes from the idea that they gave the impression that it’s real, a real sport and some (most of the?) fans think it is.*(1)

    There’s also the impression their athletes and promoters don’t react very well to being confronted with The Question (Louis Theroux, more recently got other punishment when bravely committed the same crime on his “Weird Weekend” on American Wrestling, al least it wasn’t gratuitous violence and was quite fun to watch and kind of deserved; recommend it as any of Theroux’s documentaries)

    *(1) Annoys me a bit. Maybe it shouldn’t, cause it’s none of my business (bad temper, probably?). Again, have fun in the thread and my apologies.

    And now, to the lovely Trix (welcome back! you were missed!) , I’m quite curious about something, the question is “do we think sport should be scripted? would it be even better? or is it already (scripted) and the fools that sleep the December 24th with one eye open are we ?



    @LL Jehto

    Most fans know that wrestling is scripted, only kids and idiots think that wrestling is real. WWE have never claimed that the whole thing to be real. Some wrestlers are offended when someone says wrestling is fake because those people are basically saying that they don’t get hurt, when they do. Wrestling is in fact very dangerous, and their “Don’t try this at home” ads shouldn’t be ignored.

    Now back to the purpose of this thread, the thought of Legard commentating on wrestling is hilarious, he’d be way better than Michael Cole (though still rubbish).



    @ LL Jehto

    You’re really thinking about wrestling in the wrong way; it’s supposed to be sports entertainment – not sport.

    It’s as real as any play, TV show or movie and should be thought of in the same way.

    @ Magnificent Geoffrey

    Well Canada was definitely a slobbernocker of a race and you’ve got to love the intenstinal fortitude of guys like Kobayashi !

    And just think what The King would be like with all of those puppies on display for the walk to the podium…



    i said I’d continue my comparisons, here it goes:

    Kobayashi: Rey Mysterio – Kamikaze moves

    Karthekeyan: Santino – He’s a joke.

    Kubica: Christian – captain charisma liked by the fans.

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