What F1 goodies did you get for Christmas? (2013 edition)

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    My lady is more supportive of my hobbies than a guy deserves, but for some reason F1 is the one exception, she silently suffers every time I watch a race. Imagine my surprise when this year I found under the tree a 500pc puzzle (48 by 35 cm) of 2008 BMW-Sauber driven by Kubica. It is a version without nose whiskers and the pic was probably taken at some test, as the overhead cam support is all black. Intel adverts are very prominent at several places on the picture, there is no maker on the box but a “not for sale” written on the top, and I cannot find it on the net. My lady refuses to tell where she got it, referring me to “baby Jesus”, which is the entity that brings Christmas presents in my country.

    Needless to say, I was quite busy for a few evenings.

    How about you, did [Santa/father Noel/granpa Moroz/whoever else is in charge in your place] bring you some F1 surprise this season?


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    Magnificent Geoffrey


    My girlfriend bought me a ten pound bet on Mercedes to win next year’s Constructors’ Championship as I’ve assured her many times recently that this will happen.

    That was the only Christmas present I got from her this year. I’m not even joking.


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    GT6, which will hopefully be a bit F1 themed when the Senna content comes in (assuming it’s free).


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    Lucas Wilson


    Senna content.


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    I got quite lucky this year :).
    I received a total of three Mercedes t-shirts from my parents and my Fiancée, and a large picture of Hamilton from her grandparents. Being a MASSIVE Hamilton fan, i’m quite pleased with this haul! :).


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    Nick Jarvis


    Bought a 23 inch IPS monitor with money I recieved
    funk yeaahh.


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    @full-throttle-f1 Was that meant to be a question?


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    Ben Furtula


    As I’m only 13 I received a iPad for my high school next year, Gran Turismo 6, A very rare Michael Schumacher framed photo from when he was racing for Benneton in 1993 (Adelaide he was talking to media) and a cartoon Formula One Book covering from 1980 (when Alan Jones won the world championship) to 2011.


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    My Fiancée, despite not having that much money, decided that she would roll Christmas and my birthday (October) into one and got me tickets to the 2014 Silverstone GP. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better than being able to go to my first race!


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    Ben Furtula


    I would love to Silverstone but it’s a bit hard because I live in Australia 😟 @JaimeFranklinF1


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    @jamiefranklinf1 I had tickets for Silverstone last Christmas (Paddock, Pit Lane Walk, Grid Walk and IPS right by the start line. It was fantastic!)
    This year didn’t really get much F1, just a calendar and money. Possibly saving for 2015 GP.


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    Iestyn Davies


    Sounds like some keepers there!

    If Hamilton wins the championship that present will grow into quite a good one! Nice spot from the gf!

    @jamiefranklinf1 Excellent! Enjoy your first race! My first one was also at Silverstone, 2004!


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    F1 2013 for xbox, a james hunt book, a book called “The complete history of formula one” with some driver and track postcards and a newspaper article about senna in there, and a big toy F1 car , its supposed to be a Mclaren but the sponsor stickers are all random, for example “mobile 1” instead of Mobil, and “Motordom Best” instead of mercedes benz… Still looks epic on my shelf though.

    Not strictly F1 related but damn cool none the less, 2 tin racings cars full of toffees. Tastes good, and the tins look cool on the shelf with my toy car collection LOL


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    Euro Brun


    My missus bought me a Lego Technic F1 car. Its not a specific team, but it looks a bit McLaren-esque. Not had any Lego since I was about 15! Also got the F1 2013 game for xbox and a book called “Motor Racing’s Strangest Races” which is entertaining, with quite a few interesting stories on pre-F1 races.


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    I got a 2006 f1 review dvd, a 2007 and a 2009 one. Also, I got some 1:43 scale minichamps f1 cars these were the Sauber Petronas c23 (2004 Felipe Massa), the McLaren Mercedes MP4-20 (2005 Juan Pablo Montoya), the Jordan Ford EJ14 (2004 Nigel Mansell) and the B.A.R Honda 005 ( 2005 Jacques Villneuve).

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