What F1 goodies did you get for Christmas? (2013 edition)

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    Matt Birkett

    I got a lot of F1 presents!
    – F1 2013 Official Review book
    – F1 Racing magazine 12 month subscription
    – £25 McLaren store gift voucher
    – McLaren hoody and polo shirt



    F1 2013 for PS3 plus Logitech wireless steering wheel. Had some of the best racing on my console so far.



    Monaco F1 GP baseball cap from Mum bought from a shop on the race track- they were in Monaco one week before Christmas!! Not an expensive item of course but Mum and I used to get up at all hours of the morning in Australia when I was a young kid and watch Senna win most years so great sentimental value!!


    Lucas Wilson


    I wish my mum would watch F1 with me :-(



    @lucas Wilson

    Haha- yes been a long time ago now mate !! I’m now 37 but when I was say 12-14 she would get up and watch the races, not all and she didnt always get to the end like I did but Mum was an F1 Fan LOL!
    (Races in late 80’s in Australia would start at some pretty early morning times)

    We always keep saying we need to do Monaco GP year and need to get a move on- she is not getting any younger :)

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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